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Sunny is a contributing writer at The Hudsucker. Born and raised in Atlanta, she graduated with a degree in Journalism, concentrating in Public Relations, from Georgia State University in 2009. Sunny now lives in Midtown and works as a Digital Media Specialist in the Greater Atlanta Area. Being a passionate lover of good food, art of all kinds, friendly people and home-brewed Southern sweet tea, Sunny couldn't imagine a better place to call home. Follow Sunny on Twitter @SociallySunny.

The Quarter-Life Crisis: 25 Things I Wish I Knew Before 25

Our contributor, Sunny Waseem brings you a lighthearted and honest series about what life is like when you reach the prime age of 25. The quarter-life crisis is a time in life that follows major changes from adolescence and usually ranges from one’s late teens to their early thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful and insecure about their own lives and choices, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.  In this edition, Sunny explores twenty-five things she wish she knew before turning the big 2-5.

1)   You’ll care less and less what others think. When you’re in your teens and early twenties, it’s cool to be cool. When you hit 25, it’s cool to be you. Just as you are. So don’t spend your time investing in the opinions of others. Try to remain as true to yourself as possible, you’ll be happier.

2)   Your body will change. It’s this inevitable part of life after 25. Your face will change and it’ll take the rest of you with it. Take good care of yourself. Sure, it’s cheaper to wash your face with your body wash and bypass moisturizing. But don’t, trust me. And eat your veggies.

3)   Love sucks. It sucked when you were 15, it sucks when you’re 21, it continues to suck at 25. It doesn’t get easier, so don’t sweat it. It’s not you, it’s everybody.

4)   Speaking of love, your heart will get broken. There’s no way to stop it and no way to see it coming. It’s just not up to you. So make friends that love you selflessly. The kind of friends that are willing to show up at your door in the middle of the night with a Costco supply of chocolate and a whole case of wine.

5)   There’s a certain freedom you surrender when entering adulthood. You go from being careless to being this weird responsible, mortgage holding, tax-paying adult. All of a sudden there are no summer vacations or spring breaks. So make the most of them while you do have them.

6)   Give back. Happily, willingly, selflessly. It’ll keep your life rich.

7)   Your parents are human. They are so incredibly, pathetically human. Be kind to them. Hang out with them as often as you can, call them as much as possible and take time to re-learn them as adults, as people. They love you far more than you’ll ever understand.


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8)   Don’t put parameters on your happiness. Everything you planned your life to be at 25, take a good long look at that life plan and then metaphorically burn it. You can’t plan happiness so don’t fall into the trap -or the disappointment- of trying.

9)   Don’t compare yourself to others. People lie about how awesome their life is…a lot. Everyone is their own brand manager, and so you hear about all the good and hardly ever any of the bad. It’s all an illusion.

10)   On that note, everyone is broken. Nobody skates through life without falling off the board once, twice or three hundred times. Give everyone you cross paths with a chance, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it…including yourself.

11)   Make friends from all walks of life. Make it a point to celebrate their culture and their religion with them. You’ll see and learn things that will make you a better, more rounded person. It’ll feed your soul.

12)   Your college major does not matter in the real world. You could major in Economics and end up working at an art gallery. It happens…a lot. So, take opportunities and gain experience, it’s really the best way to finding the right career.

13)   Job searching will take a toll on you. We’re trained to think that if we go to school and get good grades, we’ll automatically be rewarded with our dream job. Not true. Keep your head up regardless and once again, know it’s not you.

14)   Don’t be afraid to be alone. Never let that be the driving force in any decision you ever make.

15)   Try new things every chance you get. Take your chances and do the things that seem “crazy.” Study abroad, kiss a stranger on New Years Eve, try something that scares the crap out of you.

16)   Trust your instinct, even if it tells you to literally run away. Don’t drown it out, don’t negotiate with it…follow your instinct always, always.

17)   Live in the moment. It’s good to plan your future and get a sense of where you’re going, but stop and enjoy where you are. Otherwise, you’ll wake up one day somewhere you don’t recognize, and not sure how you really got there.

18)   Be hospitable. Go above and beyond the “norm” and make people feel at home and special when they’re visiting your home. You’ll make friendships that’ll last a lifetime. If not, you’ll at least make your momma real proud.

19)   Learn to gracefully let go of things that aren’t meant for you. It hurts, it’s disappointing and everything in you will want to push your will onto things that are already done or just aren’t up to you. Let it go and let it go gracefully.

20)   Surround yourself with those who are good for you. You will inevitably take on the habits of who you spend your time with. Learn to cut out toxic people, even if they weren’t always toxic.

21)   Budget your money. It’s surprising how much easier it is to save money during college when you don’t have much. But as your money grows, so do your expenses. Learn how to manage your money early on and it’ll serve you for the rest of your life.

22)   Find your bliss. Find something that you do alone that makes you happy. Whether it’s yoga, painting or dancing to 80’s hits in your living room, find something that gives you a mental “timeout” from the real world. And make time to travel.

23)   Don’t be promiscuous. You’re worth so much more than random hook-ups. When you give yourself to someone, make sure they’ve earned it. Someone that makes you laugh and will cook you breakfast and tell you that if possible, you look even more beautiful in the morning. Value yourself.

24)   Perspective is key. Learn to look at things from different points of view. It’s a handy business skill and also keeps you from having unnecessary arguments.

25)   Have fun. Your twenties will fly by. Enjoy these years. This is the time to do all those things you won’t be able to when you have rooted down with a family, a house in the suburbs and a long time career, etc. Don’t take a day for granted.


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