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Christopher Hill joined The Hudsucker in June of 2013 and is now a senior contributor. Chris graduated from Georgia State University in 2009 with degrees in Journalism and Creative Writing. When he isn’t writing for The Hudsucker he is consulting with clients as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Of course, after the work is all done, he is very much still writing. Chris loves crafting a good story, whether it be about the experiences in his life for his blog, A Voice for Radio, or for his fictional works.Some of his favorite things to do outside of work include playing soccer, watching or listening to sports, spending time with his family, and ‘nerding’ out to comic books and detective shows.

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Connect with Chris:

Name: Christopher Hill

Nickname: Chris

Favorite word in the English language: Caddywhompus

Least favorite word in the English language: Not sure that I have one, I really like words.

Biggest strength: Imagination

Biggest weakness: Cupcakes

Biggest pet peeve: Miniature Cupcakes

Favorite Food: Dessert that is homemade

Favorite Movie: The Avengers

Favorite TV Show: Don’t really have one anymore. Anything that is written well usually catches my interest.

Favorite Musician/Band: Prince

Favorite item of clothing that you just can’t live without: Soccer shorts

Favorite sport: Soccer

Favorite team: Arsenal

Favorite travel destination: Florida

Favorite fast food joint: Wendy’s…their dollar menu is ridiculous!

Favorite season: Spring

Funniest thing that ever happened to you: I took a trip to Universal Studios with 6 of my friends…the “hijinx” were unforgettable.

Within reason, what are your craziest goals and dreams? I want to build a ‘man cave’ beneath my backyard with the only way in to be a TARDIS doorway above the ground.

Most outrageous thing you’ve ever done: I’ve been “accused” of drinking four banana milkshakes at Steak N’ Shake after my bachelor party, leading my friends to coin the term – “Banana Wasted”.

If you had to sing one song at a karaoke bar, which one would you choose? Color Me Badd – “I Wanna Sex You Up”

What movie title best describes your life? Dreamcatcher…terrible movie, but the title is pretty accurate.

What is one of your most life-changing moments? Getting married this past year.

Describe yourself in a single sentence: I like to live without definitions.

If you were a superhero, what would be your super power? Telekinesis (I could fly, and move objects)

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which one book, movie and person would you want to take along? Depending on whether I would have my superpowers from the last question…If I did, then I’d bring my wife, the movie Clue, and all the Magic School Bus Books…then fly off when I was done.

If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be? I’d wish…

  1. to be able to reach into my pocket and pull out the exact amount of money my family needed;
  2. For video arcades to exist in malls again;
  3. I’d wish for the genies freedom – I’m not really all that greedy or needy.

Last Song Played on your CD player/iTunes/iPod, etc: The Ting Tings – “That’s Not My Name”

What made you want to write for The Hudsucker? The down-to-earth articles really caught my interest.

What is your favorite article on the site and why? I am actually a big fan of the “He Said, She Said” articles. The “Third Wheel” one from April is one of my favorite conversations. I know so many people who have, are, or hate going through this (I’ve been on both sides). These articles really connect the reader to the writer in the most personal way possible.

Who is your favorite author on the site and why? Kathleen Horgan. Another bias pick but she is the one who turned me on to The Hudsucker.

What is one of your own favorite articles on the site and why? I haven’t written it yet, but I am really looking forward to my next article! I may have only published one so far, but I like the “Man of Steel” series. It includes my first article, “Plan of Steel”, Tania’s upcoming article – the review of Man of Steel, and then my next article that will compare Man of Steel to Iron Man. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Where do you see The Hudsucker in 5 years? I think The Hudsucker will be a very entertaining and informative blog, maybe even with an app.

What do you think of your fellow peers here at The Hudsucker? I’m still getting to know them all, but so far no one has called me a nerd.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Probably with kids, hopefully half-way to being retired.

What words of advice would you give writers? Sometimes you need breaks from writing, but never take breaks from dreaming.

Who do you look up to? People who take risk for the ones they love.

What is one of your favorite life lessons? Do onto others…

Favorite quote:

“I’m always angry”

– Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in The Avengers