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Jessica Fritz joined The Hudsucker in August of 2015 and is now a senior contributor. While studying Digital & Broadcast Journalism and Fashion Merchandising at UGA, she interned with Gannett where she had the opportunity to write and edit video content for USA Today. During her time as an intern, Jessica interviewed Mike Sorrentino (aka ‘The Situation’ from The Jersey Shore), and edited the 2014 Emmy Nominations video that became the “Most-Watched” video on USA Today’s website. Since graduating college, Jessica began working as a Social Media Strategist for CoStar Group, a position that allows her to write social media content on Twitter and Facebook for different SMB clients. An avid lover of all things pop culture, one of Jessica’s proudest moments was receiving a Twitter “follow” from E! News. An entertainment news junkie, Jessica loves cats, fashion, and Taylor Swift’s squad. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and dreams of moving to New York City. Her portfolio can be found at her official website.

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Connect with Jessica:

Name: Jessica Fritz

Nickname: Jess, Fritzy

Favorite word in the English language: Serendipity

Least favorite word in the English language:  Moist. Just….no.

Biggest strength: Knowledge of all things Hollywood

Biggest weakness: A sale at Zara. Or any shoe store.

Biggest pet peeve: People attempting to sing songs they don’t know the lyrics to.

Favorite Food: Anything Italian.

Favorite MovieSome Like It Hot

Favorite TV ShowFriends and 30 Rock

Favorite Musician/Band: One Direction. All the love.

Favorite item of clothing that you just can’t live without: Black skinny jeans go a long way.

Favorite sport: NFL Football

Favorite team: Atlanta Falcons. Backup team: Greenbay Packers

Favorite travel destination: L.A.

Favorite fast food joint: Chick Fil A on the east coast, In-N-Out on the west.

Favorite season: Winter. I could make “layering” an Olympic sport.

Funniest thing that ever happened to you: On a trip to New York City, my mom and I missed the Broadway show we bought tickets to. With our newly free afternoon, we went to Rockefeller Center and ended up getting picked for a taping of Saturday Night Live. The show was hilarious, and I crossed one thing off my bucket list!

Within reason, what are your craziest goals and dreams? Be a writer and/or cast member of SNL.

Most outrageous thing you’ve ever done: Snuck onto the set of The Hunger Games while they were filming in Atlanta.

If you had to sing one song at a karaoke bar, which one would you choose? “Bohemian Rhapsody” is always a crowd-pleaser.

What movie title best describes your life? How To Be Single. You win some, you lose some.

What is one of your most life-changing moments? Flying to NYC the night of my college graduation, and staying there for a month. I learned so much about myself, and got to explore what became my favorite city.

Describe yourself in a single sentence:  I was told to stay true to myself, that’s why I still love ice cream and boy bands.

If you were a superhero, what would be your super power? Teleportation. No waiting in traffic ever again!

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which one book, movie and person would you want to take along? Yes Please! by Amy Poehler, Finding Nemo, and Harry Styles. Those answers explain themselves.

If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?

  1. To be so rich, I could live wherever I wanted on any given day and still financially thrive in that city.
  2. Spend an entire year with the guys of One Direction going on tour, writing/recording albums, being besties, etc.
  3. Writing and starring on SNL, which launches into a stellar acting and music career.

Last song played on your CD player/iTunes/iPod, etc: “Energy” by Drake

What made you want to write for The Hudsucker? I love writing, thought it would be an amazing opportunity to expand my portfolio, and thought I would get to know some incredible people as a result. I was right.

What is your favorite article on the site and why? One of my favorite articles is “The Significance (And Science) Of Wearing Red Lipstick” by Tania Hussain. I love that it’s a really fun and dynamic look at one of the cosmetic products I use the most.

Who is your favorite author on the site and why? It’s a tie between Tania Hussain and Katherine Hernandez. I love the topics Tania chooses, and the way she writes. Katherine always manages to write thoughtful and hilarious pieces.

What is one of your own favorite articles on the site and why? My favorite article I have written is my interview with actress/painter Elisabetta Fantone. It was one of the first articles I wrote where I truly felt confident in the finished product, and ended up receiving really wonderful feedback from the editors.

Where do you see The Hudsucker in 5 years? I see the brand continuing to grow and finding a niche for itself in the online magazine market. I also imagine there will be videos we compile to accompany some of the interviews and stories we write.

What do you think of your fellow peers here at The Hudsucker? Everyone is so creative and has a strong voice in the written word. It’s something I continue to admire in each of them. Everyone is also incredibly supportive of one another, never criticizing, only critiquing to help one another’s work benefit.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself being settled in NYC and working in the entertainment industry. I love so many facets of it, I can’t really pick which one. I hope to try as many as possible and land on what fits best.

What words of advice would you give writers? Write to make yourself happy, not to feed the opinions of others.

Who do you look up to? Taylor Swift. She is such a strong writer and is always kind to her fans and others in the industry. She never criticizes other women for the way they live their lives, and encourages friendship and equality.

What is one of your favorite life lessons? For me, it was learning it’s okay to say “no.” It’s important to your sanity and well-being to allow yourself the liberty of turning something down if you don’t want to do it. It’s incredibly freeing.

Favorite quote:

“You are not the opinion of someone that doesn’t know you.”

Taylor Swift