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Consumers Get Roasted as Starbucks Increases Price of Coffee Nationwide

Last month, Starbucks increased the prices of some of its most popular hot beverages by a nickel to 20 cents in the United States. While customers can expect to see a spike on the small and big sizes of their favorite brewed coffees, The Associated Press reports that the Seattle-based company will keep the prices of their most popular beverages like the Grande Brewed […]

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Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Movie Review: The Not-So-“Fantastic Four”

The Fantastic Four is my favorite superhero team in the Marvel Universe. When I started reading comics, I loved X-Men and the Avengers, but was captivated by the idea of family that journeyed into the unknown together. They had differences and good times like any family, and they also beat up bad guys. No matter […]

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syt stagevstreet

SYTYCD12: The Top 14 Dance Again and the Top 10 is Revealed!

Last week, our consummate host Cat Deeley spilled the unfortunate beans that we’d be losing four members of our talented Top 14 and with the deck so stack, especially on the Street side of things (at least, in my opinion), I knew we’d likely lose at least one dancer before their time tonight, but before we […]

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Luke Bryan - 01

Luke Bryan Amps Up Country Music with “Kill The Lights”

There is no bigger name in the country music industry today than reigning Entertainer of the Year, Luke Bryan. The 39 year-old Georgia native celebrated his 13th No. 1 hit last week when the debut single “Kick The Dust Up” from his fifth-studio album, Kill The Lights topped country radio airplay charts. Releasing last Friday, Kill The […]

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Photo Credit: David Lees /Iconica

Figuring Out If You’re With “The One”

How do you know you want to marry someone? No matter how much you love your partner today, the idea of an eternal bond can seem overwhelming. As scary as marriage may seem, it is not as scary as trying to imagine life without the right partner. A lot of people get married for the wrong […]

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Image Credit: Robin Wong

Best Photo Editing Apps For Your Summer Snaps

It’s August, which means that we are deep into the summer season with long warm days filled with golden light. It also means vacations and adventures, and prime photo-taking opportunities! The cameras on our smartphones are always improving, but even with technological advances, we sometimes need a little bit of help taking our photos to the […]

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Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Jon Voyage: A Look At Jon Stewart’s Legacy on “The Daily Show”

Back in 2004, Jon Stewart asked Jerry Seinfeld when he thought he should retire from The Daily Show. “You can’t,” he said. “You have one of those shows you have to do until you’re dead. It doesn’t peak, it’s just good, and good and good.” Eleven years and several grey hairs later, Jon Stewart is finally […]

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syt stagevstreet

SYTYCD12: The Top 16 Deliver Some Sweetness

Perhaps executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe heard the cries of fans for more pairs routines, as they’ve produced some of the season’s most memorable moments thus far, or maybe it was always in the plans, but last night’s show was arguably the season’s best yet as some of the night’s duos had some tricks up […]

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demarco murray fantsy football

How to Identify Risks in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy football season is here and that means it’s the time of the year for mock drafts, stat analyzing and predicting this year’s ticket to the finals of your league. However, that last part is the trickiest as you have to navigate things like injuries, draft busts and bad match-ups. Is there a way to […]

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The Pretty Files: Gallon of Water Challenge

No doubt you have seen those articles on the internet about the amazing effects of drinking a gallon of water a day. Many of them include a before and after photograph of the person writing the article showing an astounding transformation in their appearance. I’ve been fascinated with these articles. Drink a gallon of water […]

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1861 slider

Boutique 1861: French Fashion and Flair for All

Soundly emphasizing Parisian elegance and nestled in Montreal’s utmost cosmopolitan district, Boutique 1861 lets customers travel back in time to the fashionable glamour of yesteryear with dozens of vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Comedy at its Core: Chatting with Matthew Kevin Anderson of “IMPASTOR”

From network television to hosting gigs to big-screen blockbusters, there is very little rest for the driven working actor. Vancouver-born Matthew Kevin Anderson, with almost fifty acting credits to his name, knows all about the hard work and dedication it takes to become a working actor in today’s industry. After attending the Vancouver Film School […]

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syt stagevstreet

SYTYCD12: The Top 18 Get Mixed and Matched

After we said goodbye to waacker Lily and ballet dancer Darion last Monday night, the remaining 18 contestants got to work on their new routines. Unlike seasons past, they wouldn’t be dancing with the same partners every week and so, this week, we saw new configurations and new styles that gave some dancers a chance […]

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red dragon 2

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on NBC’s “Hannibal”

Though NBC officially cancelled Bryan Fuller’s series Hannibal in June and it appears that the show may be out of options when it comes to finding a new home on a streaming site, if Saturday night’s episode is any indication, the best the show has to offer may be yet to come. The episode, The Great Red […]

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best popsicle recipes

7 Popsicle Recipes To Make This Summer

We’re about to reach those days in the summer season where it is hot, hot, and triple hot. The time where even the most prolific bakers among us think twice before turning on the oven. And when anything other than sitting still with something ice cold in your hand sounds like some punishment for a […]

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