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Dracula Untold

“Dracula Untold”: Bite On!

Universal Pictures’ Dracula Untold, released this past Friday, retells the legend of Dracula’s turn from Prince of Transylvania to Lord of the Undead. Luke Evans tackles the role of Vlad the Impaler, whom later becomes Dracula.

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The Affair

An Affair To Remember: A Sneak Peek at Showtime’s “The Affair”

In The Affair, the Showtime series explores the emotional and psychological effects of an extramarital love affair between Noah (Dominic West), a dissolute schoolteacher and novelist, and Alison (Ruth Wilson), a diner waitress trying her hardest to piece back together her life and marriage in the wake of a tragedy.

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Panorama of our newly finished laundry room

How To Increase Value to Your Home on a Budget

As home owners it’s our sworn duty to protect our investment. But what about treating it like a real investment? I’m talking about growth. Like many others, I’m terrified of being upside down on my home, and although we can’t control market prices, we can always make small changes to boost our individual property value. And the […]

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The Best Pumpkin Recipes

Last month we celebrated apple season and now it’s time for apple’s Fall flavor cousin: pumpkin! It’s pumpkin season and whether you go and pick your own pumpkins to de-seed yourself or your buy the pumpkin puree in a can (like me) there are truly an unlimited number of recipes out there to try. Pumpkin […]

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The FlashBack: “The Flash” – Episode 1 “Pilot”

The Flash is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in The FlashBack.

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Gone Girl OST

A Beautiful Decay: “Gone Girl” Soundtrack Haunts

If music plays as a source of emotion in film, this darkness and abyss of twisted mystery is best described through Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor’s score as the two show a great evolution from their previous work with David Fincher in “The Social Network” and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

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Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Secrets Have a Way of Surfacing: “Gone Girl”

There is something hauntingly incongruous about the juxtaposition of lush, rolling green hills, leafy expanses of riverbank, and decaying Southern town with a sudden disappearance-feared-horrible-murder and yet director David Fincher manages to fit those things together flawlessly in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. If you haven’t read the book or seen the film please be aware that there may be spoilers in this review.

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Holding hands can help couples bond!

Stop Horsing Around! 4 Flaws That Can Hinder Any Relationship

World-renowned marriage therapist and psychology professor, Dr. John Gottman discusses four flaws, known as his ‘four horsemen’ and how these traits can help cause strife in any relationship. It is through a proper awareness of some of the negative emotions to avoid in relationships that you can gain a further understanding of what helps make the proper relationship work.

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Recipes for Apple Season

Although Fall arrived in retail stores at the beginning of this month, it’s really only been the actual season for a week. As much as I love Fall flavors, I try my best to hold off on cooking and baking with them until this time so we all don’t burn out on them before the […]

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There Is Nothing Flattering About Harassment

Back in August Doree Lewak wrote in the New York Post that she found catcalls flattering. She went on for paragraphs about how being shouted at by men, specifically construction workers, made her feel sexy. She even said she willingly and excitedly enjoyed being their “objectified sex thing.”

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Gluten Free Travel Snacks That Don’t Suck

Dietary restrictions are a drag. Think about it: for whatever reason you just can’t eat certain things or ingredients and it limits your tasty landscape. No dietary restriction is fun, though some are easier to handle than others. Nut and dairy restrictions generally still leave a person with lots of options. But a wheat or […]

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The 10 Books That Stuck with Me

So many challenges have taken place on social media within the past few months, whether it’s the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the chain letter challenge, etc.  Sometimes, they can be annoying, but lately, there has been a Facebook meme going around asking people to name the top 10 books that have stuck with them. I […]

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