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SYTYCD11: Summing Up The Last 2 Weeks Before the Finale

Because there were no results following the Top 6 show, I thought I’d review both the Top 6 and Top 4 together before Wednesday night’s big finale where one of the remaining four contestants will be crowned Season 11’s winner. We’ll get to who I think it will be, but first let’s talk about the […]

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Pumpkin-Flavored Everything Season is Here!

Well, here we are. It’s that time of the year again. The heat index is dropping, it’s starting to get a little darker a little sooner, and suddenly everything is red, brown, and pumpkin all over. Fall is here…almost.

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Gandalf Was Wrong: Secrets Are Not Safe

Secrets take on new dimensions in a committed relationship. What areas of one’s life require full disclosure? What things can we leave unsaid? Does an after–dinner cigarette away from prying eyes when you’re trying to quit count as a dark secret? Is it something deeper and more personal? I’ve received hundreds of responses while writing this article and the majority of them cited these concerns:

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Countdown to the 2014 NFL Season: A Preview of All 32 Teams

After this weekend, there will be only one more Sunday until football returns! Our writers Chris and Andrew preview this season’s teams and take a look at what to expect this year.

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Rockefeller Center

New York Love Affair

Back in 2007, I took my first ‘Big Girl’ trip by venturing to the Big Apple itself—New York City. I traveled with my high school photography class during Spring Break of my senior year. Seeing as our week’s itinerary was very art-centric, we hit up all the major museums (the Met, MOMA, Guggenheim) and caught a Broadway show […]

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Kazan Cathedral

Road To Russia

Earlier this year, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Before heading to Sochi, I explored Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow was a bustling hub of activity and St. Petersburg was a magical winter wonderland. Closing my journey in Sochi at the Olympics was a dream come true. However, the welcoming, kind Russian citizens were the highlight of my trip—helping to make every moment memorable and carefree.

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Spain: Sun! Tapas! Summer Wine!

I took a little trip around Europe with my family this past July to visit my sister who’s studying in Switzerland. We decided to start in Madrid and then go by train to Barcelona, then Paris and then Geneva. Spain is wonderful, lots of history, great beaches and amazing food. I went on my own back in 2012 and it was great coming back with my family this year.

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Yokohama: Cosmo World

Big in Japan

When I think back on the summer trips I’ve taken to Japan, it’s hard to choose a favorite moment.

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Life of Crime Poster

“Life of Crime” Giveaway

We are proud to announce a giveaway in partnership with PartnersHub, in conjunction with Roadside Attractions for the comedy caper, Life of Crime! Read on to find out how you can take part in our contest and win a $15 Fandango gift card!

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I’m Not Sorry: Women and Apologizing

In June Pantene released an ad as part of their #ShineStrong campaign about women’s empowerment. In the ad we see a series of women using the word “sorry” in various every day situations that really do not need an apology: speaking up in a meeting, asking for someone’s time, even getting a bit of the blanket in bed. Then the video switches and shows those same situations without the apology. Instead of apologizing, the women simply do the task with confidence, then transitioning into “sorry, not sorry” near the end. It’s jarring to see the two versions of events side by side.

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“WHAT IF”: A Rom-Com That Won’t Give You Cavities

Can men and women really be just friends? It’s a question as old as time, almost, and one that’s been posed in dozens upon dozens of romantic comedies. It’s clichéd, it’s tired, and it’s been proven untrue countless times. But this month’s new romantic comedy, What If, asks a slightly different question: can a man […]

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national waffle day

Happy National Waffle Day!

Tomorrow is National Waffle Day! It’s time to embrace our inner Leslie Knope’s and enjoy waffle after waffle all day long. Luckily for us, waffles are very easy to eat for every meal of the day. They lend themselves well to breakfast, brunch, lunch, a snack, dinner, dessert, and another snack. That might sound like […]

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