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pumpkin recipes for fall

7 Pumpkin Recipes to Make This Fall

Even though pumpkin flavored everything has been in every store and food establishment for weeks now, it only officially became Fall a few days ago. Jumping the gun has it’s perks but there’s something vaguely odd about eating pumpkin when the temps are still in the 80s or 90s. Now that Fall has brought along […]

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game day recipes

7 Favorite Game Day Recipes

It’s Game Day! Well, maybe not specifically today, but we’re back in that time of year — aka football season — where it does seem like game day is everyday. I know that technically these days are all about rooting for your team, then celebrating or wallowing depending on the outcome but I’ve never met […]

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Movie Review: “Everest” – All About That Base (Camp)

Many people dream of climbing mountains, but few people ever experience the rush. It’s about more than finding a trail and following it to the top. Professional climbers, and those that guide them, must school themselves in a number of safety precautions for years before making the attempt. Add to this the excellent physical shape […]

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The Pretty Files: Red Lipstick, A History

According to Taylor Swift, red lips (among other things) never go out of style. As we slip into the rich, bold colors of fall that may feel like the case, but has red lipstick always been the classic that we consider it now? In honor of the change of season we’re taking a look at the […]

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The Scorch Trials: Can sequels live up to the originals?

Last year, in keeping with the YA books-turned-movies theme that has become so popular in the past decade, we saw James Dashner’s The Maze Runner brought to life on the big screen. I reviewed the film back in September, and found it enjoyable and entertaining, with a solid cast to make up for the sometimes-confusing story. This […]

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{Image Credit: David Cook Official}

Album Review: David Cook Pumps Life Into “Digital Vein”

After parting ways with RCA and relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, singer and songwriter, David Cook returns to the music scene from a four-year hiatus with his third studio album, Digital Vein.

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Photo via pickyeaterblog.com

How to Defeat Your Drunchies

You wake up. Your insides feel like gravel, your mouth like you have been sucking on a dry sponge. You know you need water, but the thought of lifting your head to hydrate is too much to bear. You lay motionless for a few minutes longer, half hoping you will fall back asleep, half trying […]

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pregnancy hormones

A Survival Guide to Your First Pregnancy: The Partner Edition

Finding out that you as a couple are pregnant is undoubtedly one of the best and scariest moments of your life. You begin to ask yourself all sorts of questions like, “Will I be good as a parent?” and “Who should I tell?” However, it’s important to know that the second that line appears on […]

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syt stagevstreet

SYTYCD12: The Winner Is Revealed

After we found out Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance would be a radical change to the format of the show as we knew it, it was hard to know what to expect. How would this season’s “Team Stage” and “Team Street” stack up in comparison to the previous eleven seasons, where the contestants […]

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Tidy Time: The Marie Kondo Method

You may have seen the compact book with the turquoise tones sitting on the shelf at your favorite store. If you’ve done any casual searching for organizational tips, you have definitely come across it. The book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing written by Marie Kondo, has become […]

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Photo Credit: Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

How Can I Be Ready To Find The One?

How do you find the person you are going to marry? There is no shortcut and sometimes finding your life partner can come with a lot of trial and error. As people continue to search for the one, they may have blinded themselves to the steps that they can take as an unattached individual. The right […]

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Running - Shutterstock 02

A Beginner’s Guide to Running (Without Freaking Out)

Coping with the demands of family, work life, school and social activities can often create difficulty when setting aside time or finding motivation to start a new fitness regimen. Today many are integrating a running routine into their lifestyle in hopes to aid just about every part of their health with physical and mental benefits that […]

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ND Football

More Than Just a Game: “A Season with Notre Dame Football”

That nip in the air means only one thing—it’s that time of year again! The best season in sports is finally upon us with all its demonstrative glory and pride. As college football returns around the nation, one television network is granting unparalleled access to fans and audiences to one of the country’s best teams.

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syt stagevstreet

SYTYCD12: The Top 4 Try To Win It All

Tonight we saw the remaining four contestants battle it out without the stress of imminent eliminations on their mind. They’ll have to wait a week to find out who will be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer, but before that we got to see them all dance together and with another all-star to try to prove that […]

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{Image Credit: Starbucks Corp.}

Fall in Love Again: Starbucks Adds Real Pumpkin to their Famous Latte

Earlier this month, Starbucks announced it would makeover their popular seasonal fall drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte by adding a dose of—get this—real pumpkin puree!

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