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“WHAT IF”: A Rom-Com That Won’t Give You Cavities

Can men and women really be just friends? It’s a question as old as time, almost, and one that’s been posed in dozens upon dozens of romantic comedies. It’s clichéd, it’s tired, and it’s been proven untrue countless times. But this month’s new romantic comedy, What If, asks a slightly different question: can a man […]

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national waffle day

Happy National Waffle Day!

Tomorrow is National Waffle Day! It’s time to embrace our inner Leslie Knope’s and enjoy waffle after waffle all day long. Luckily for us, waffles are very easy to eat for every meal of the day. They lend themselves well to breakfast, brunch, lunch, a snack, dinner, dessert, and another snack. That might sound like […]

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Third Time’s Not the Charm: The Expendables 3

The first installment of The Expendables blasted into theaters in 2010 with an ensemble cast of actors from two decades of action films. Sylvester Stallone tapped known action stars like Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and added newer stars and mixed martial artists like Jason Statham, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Jet Li. The idea wasn’t […]

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Canadian Pride: “WHAT IF”‘s Meghan Heffern

For Canadian actors in the film and television industry, their options seem relatively clear-cut: work in the Canadian film scene, work on American projects shot in Canada, or move to the States to try and make a career in Hollywood. So when a project comes along that’s shot and set in Canada, features big-name talent, […]

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The Pretty Files: Makeup Bag Rehab

When is the last time you really looked at the contents of your bag? This month we’re having a little intervention, sitting down to look at those bags of wonder, and sending all of us to makeup bag rehab.

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Exploring downtown Nashville.

Road Trippin': A Summer Spent On the Highway

This summer has been such a whirlwind, and when I sat down to compile my vacation photo-blog, I couldn’t pick just one trip. I started the summer by living in Virginia, then driving all over the mid-Atlantic and Midwest, and ended up living in Tennessee.

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Destin at Dawn

Life’s a Beach

Jimmy Buffet once said, “If there is a heaven for me, I’m sure there is a beach attached to it.” Growing up, we’ve never been the type of family that takes a beach vacation every summer. Our summers were spent visiting relatives weeks at a time.  

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Admiring Honey Lake

Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere: The Surprise of Greenville, FL

Somewhere past Valdosta on the way to Tallahassee is the delightful gem if Greenville, just inside the panhandle on Florida. The town is full of back roads, farmland and drooping trees, but if you look hard enough you’ll find a cozy nook to spend a few days at Honey Lake Plantation.

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American Idol 2013 Finale - Arrivals

Michael Johns: Commemorating Our American Idol

The Hudsucker is a true testament to the power of dreams, dedication, and friendship. Our site owes a lot to the late, great, Michael Johns because of the influence he created and the bonds of friendship he shaped. To celebrate and honor his memory, our team shares with readers how this extremely kind, thoughtful and warmhearted soul impacted our lives in a piece commemorating his life.

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Robin Williams Slider 02

Remembering Robin Williams

Earlier this week, the death of actor and comedian, Robin Williams stunned not just his many fans around the world, but his family, close friends and co-stars from the film industry. Williams, 63, committed suicide in his California home on August 11—a death that came as an incredible shock to those that knew the certified comic genius. It was reported in the last few months that Williams was battling severe depression, and most recently revealed by his wife, Susan Schneider, that he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

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5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Fantasy Football Draft

Which one gets you more excited? Cheering on your favorite football team, or cheering on your fantasy football team? Be honest, when you realized that there was only a few weeks until the opening kickoff of the NFL regular season, the first thing you did was check with your buddies to see when your fantasy draft was happening.

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Not Perfect: When Being “Made for Each other” Might Wreck Your Relationship

Love is complicated, but we all know what we want. We want that person who just gets us, who we feel is “the one,” our soul mate, or who just “completes” us. That’s the ideal and it is for many what we go looking for in the world of relationships. But what if the idea of being made for one another, that concept of soul mate and perfect match, might actually ruin or damage your relationship? What if perfection is, in fact, the problem?

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