He Said, She Said

With a diverse team of writers here at The Hudsucker, there are many different thoughts running through each one of us. Though we are all ultimately the same, bonding over a love of writing, we’re all very different with giving advice. First introduced in February of 2013, our team collected questions from readers and created our first ever advice column called “He Said, She Said” where two of our ladies and two of our gentlemen took turns in helping to provide insight and wisdom through dilemmas that ranged through topics of love and sex; branching out into romance, relationships, friendship, being single, marriage, infidelity, and much more.

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February 1, 2013: Embracing Singlehood
Anna of Lee’s Summit, Missouri is feeling a little uncomfortable and blue since her break-up and unsure of how to embrace her new status without having a significant other.

February 8, 2013: Struggles in a Marriage Meets Confusion in a Friendship
Ben of Middleton, New York  is facing a dilemma not just in his marriage, but emotional mindset as he is confused about a friendship he has with a woman who he has known for a good part of his life.

February 15, 2013: Emotional Disconnect
Emily of Windsor, Ontario, Canada is feeling a little lost in her marriage and suffering from emotional detachment. She appreciates her husband but cannot find a reason anymore as to why she’s not interested in spending time with him or being intimate.

February 22, 2013: Spicing It Up in The Bedroom
Ryan of Laurel, Maryland is feeling uncomfortable with sharing his sexual thoughts and fantasies with his long-time girlfriend after he wanted to try something new with her in the bedroom, and didn’t get a very positive response.

April 3, 2013: Falling in Love with Your Best Friend
Grace of Spokane, Washington is wondering if she should tell her best friend who she has known for years, that she is in love with him.

Image Credit: Jamie Grill/Getty ImagesApril 17, 2013: Being the Third Wheel
Laura of Dayton, Ohio is experiencing some trouble with her best friend and her boyfriend, as a self proclaimed third wheel.

Image Credit: ShutterstockMay 15, 2013: Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex
John of Sacramento, California has been dating his best friend’s ex-girlfriend for five months and the couple are now getting tired of sneaking around.

Image Credit: iStockphotoMay 29, 2013: Hesitation with “Coming Out”
Chad of Miami, Florida is hoping to move in with his boyfriend but is waiting for him to tell his parents that he is gay. Chad is feeling pressure by the lack of communication and his boyfriend’s hesitation to ‘coming out’.

Image Credit: iStockphotoJune 12, 2013: ‘The Friend Zone’ vs. Patience and Self-Love
Kallie of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wonders why she’s not enough for men as they peg her as the ‘friend’ and never the ‘girlfriend’.

Image Credit: iStockphotoJune 26, 2013: Pursuing Workplace Romances
Lexy of Palo Alto, California who is wondering what’s the best way to handle an office romance. Should Lexy take  a risk and pursue her co-worker?

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July 10, 2013: The Dance Between Friends & Lovers
Abby of Bloomington, Indiana is in love with her best friend even though he is soon to be married and contemplating on whether or not she should end the friendship with him. Should she end it or stay the best friend?

July 24, 2013: Deciphering the “Sighs” Within A Long-Distance Relationship
Katy of Charleston, South Carolina
 is in a long-distance relationship and as the two have now planned to meet up, Katy’s puzzled as to why her long-distance beau sighs during their phone conversations. Does he find her boring?

Image Credit: Mike Kemp/Corbis

August 14, 2013: A Husband’s Filthy Habits
Brenda of Fairfield, Connecticut is growing tired and frustrated of her husband’s vices like drinking, watching porn, and video gaming. Are these truly “filthy habits” or a means of de-stressing?

Image Credit: The Huffington Post/Facebook

August 28, 2013: The Facebook Relationship Status
Paul of Austin, Texas who is wondering at what point in a relationship do you update your relationship status on Facebook to “In A Relationship”? Furthermore, asking our team of writers if that means he and his new girlfriend are now exclusive. Well, is he?

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September 11, 2013: The Infamous Three Words
Jane of Richmond, Virginia is wondering why her male friend is suddenly very standoffish after she said, “I love you” one night. Is Jane overreacting or does her male friend’s behavior say something much more?

Jealousy Dictionary

September 25: The Jealous Best Friend
Nicole of Grand Rapids, Michigan is growing curious and quite concerned of her best friend’s behavior towards her new boyfriend. Is her best friend simply jealous and afraid he’ll lose Nicole? Or is he secretly harboring his own feelings from her?

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October 9, 2013: Meeting An Online Love For The First Time
Jeremy of Denver, Colorado is wondering why the girl he’s been involved with online for two years has been giving him excuses when it comes to meeting up. After a failed meet up and discussions about trying again, he’s not sure if it’s about her or him. What is it? CONTINUE READING…

Image Credit: Image Source/CorbisOctober 23, 2013: Bride-To-Be Won’t Change Her Last Name
Aiden of Manchester, New Hampshire wonders why his fiancee isn’t keen on changing her last name to his. Is he being foolish by dwelling on the last name or is he being just as stubborn as the bride-to-be? CONTINUE READING…

Cellphone - WomanFebruary 7, 2014: Snooping on Your Significant Other
Shauna of Frankfort, Kentucky admitted to snooping on her significant other and discovered a friend she never knew he had. Should Shauna’s boyfriend have introduced her to his “girl” friend? Plus, what’s the big deal looking through his things? CONTINUE READING…

Family - In Laws 01February 14, 2014: Dealing with the In-Laws
Scott of South Bend, Indiana wants to ask his girlfriend’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage but is having trouble warming up to her parents–or rather, them warming up to him. Scott wonders when and how should he approach her folks. CONTINUE READING…

Salon - Haircut 04 February 21, 2014: Boyfriend Turned off By Haircut
Melissa of Glendale, Arizona wanted to go with a daring new hairdo but is unsure why her boyfriend is suddenly not impressed with her new pixie cut, and why their normally healthy sex life has now fizzled.  Is it true men really don’t like short hair?  CONTINUE READING…