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American Idol XIII: Hollywood Week Part 1 and 2

Despite our love affair with Idol even after 13 seasons, there are a few things that bug us about the show. New captain Per Blankens has done a good job adjusting a lot of those things, but one that he didn’t is Group Day. Sure, the challenge seems to test contestant’s abilities to work with […]

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Grammy 2014 Daft Punk

The Hudsucker Reviews The 2014 Grammy Awards

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards is music’s biggest event of the year – a day to celebrate the accomplishments of musicians, songwriters, producers, and others in the music industry for their valuable contributions. For 2014, the Grammys made a point of demonstrating how music unleashes us – through creative expression, through artistic transformation, and through […]

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American Idol XIII Ep. 3 and 4: Detroit and Atlanta Auditions

We’re back for another week of auditions! In case you missed our previous article on the Boston, Austin and San Fran auditions, you can check it out here. Now, let’s get right down to business for this week. Once again, both of us will pick the contestants that stood out to us during the auditions […]

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American Idol XIII Ep. 1 and 2: Boston, Austin and San Francisco Auditions

Before we crack the books on Season 13, we’d like to introduce ourselves (again) for this season. In case you didn’t tune in to Andrew’s Idol Series last season – here are his “qualifications” for reviewing Idol. First and foremost, he’s watched every single season. He’s been there through the highs and lows of this show, the […]

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He Said, She Said: ‘The Friend Zone’ vs. Patience and Self-Love

This week we have a question that gently touches three different aspects of relationships. One of which is the dreaded ‘friend zone’, best described in popular culture as a platonic relationship that contains no romantic entanglements. This stems from one of the parties involved wanting more, while the other does not. Though many talk about the […]

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