POW – Power of Women: A Series by Rebecca Rowell

Staff writer Rebecca Rowell puts a spotlight on women in the workforce in an empowering and inspirational series titled, P.O.W or Power of Women.  The series hopes to inspire the next generation of young women heading into their own personal careers. As Rowell sets out on journey to find and showcase such strong, independent women in a set of interviews with those making breakthroughs in their careers and teaching the upcoming generation a few things about woman power, she highlights the impact each has made and the success they have achieved so far.

(Source: WIS-TV)

September 7, 2013: Dawndy Mercer Plank
This individual is someone very special to me that first opened my eyes to what exactly it was that I wanted to do. She reached out to me, took me under her wing and continues to nurture my own personal pursuits.  CONTINUE READING…

Reverend Kitty Holtzclaw (source: Broad Street United Methodist Church)October 30, 2013: Kitty Holtzclaw
When one first meets Reverend Dr. Kitty Holtzclaw, the first thing you notice is her vivacious personality. There is an automatic sense of welcome that resonates from her.  CONTINUE READING…