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Macy Krew Is ‘Playin’ With Fire’ on New Country Single

macy krew country music singer songwriter

Since we last caught up with Macy Krew on the eve of her debut single release for “Wherever You Are”, the sparkly and sassy country singer-songwriter has been keeping busy with building up her firecracker of a solo career.

From performing live sets to making her promo rounds on the country music circuit while jetting back and forth between Nashville and her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, this past year has been moving non-stop for Krew. At the end of August, she will making her official move to Music City, of which Krew has to say, “I’m excited about the opportunities and collaborations Nashville will bring my way!”

macy krew playin with fireKrew turns up the heat with her latest single, “Playin’ With Fire,” now available to purchase on iTunes and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

The song kicks off with a guitar riff that sounds reminiscent of “The Beat Goes On,” setting the fiery tone for this southern rock stomper about letting out the fire inside you. As Krew belts out the line, “you want to play with fire, bring it on,” the singer challenges the one who has wronged her to meet their match in her, as she is not afraid to show them what she’s made of. The songwriter pens quotable lyrics like “light a match, start a flame, you’re the one to blame” and “you lit sparks in me that you can’t put out.”

In talking about the story behind her new song, Krew says “Playin’ With Fire” came to her one day when she was upset and wanted to channel those feelings into something bigger than herself at that moment: “You know when you get angry, and the more you think about it, the angrier you get? Well, everything started simmering to that point and I realized I needed to use that ‘fire’ to push myself forward instead of back.”

Through “Playin’ With Fire,” Krew hopes to convey the message that releasing your anger out into the world isn’t always bad. “Anger isn’t a bad thing if you use it to motivate you or push yourself. Don’t apologize for who you are. Take charge and OWN it. I wanted to write an empowering country song that embodied all that. I hope this is the song people want to turn up and sing at the top of their lungs. Have everyone be warned that they are playin’ with fire.”

Fans can expect to see Krew sing this bold and sassy anthem along with her other original songs during her headlining shows across Michigan this summer. The country artist could not be any more excited for this upcoming adventure: “We currently have over 30 shows booked for this summer and my band and I are SO ready for it.”

Keep up with Macy through her brand new website at macykrew.com and her social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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