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Hailey Miller Plays for Keeps With Country Single ‘Boy Toy’

hailey miller boy toy

When The Hudsucker first introduced Hailey Miller, we named her “The One” to watch. Now, the rising musician has unleashed her smashing new pop-country single, “Boy Toy.” Following her emotional debut single “The One“, Miller’s sophomore self-release “Boy Toy” is  available to stream and to buy on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon.

hailey miller boy toyBased on first-hand experience, Miller wrote the relatable and sassy track after one too many times of sharing the same stories with her girlfriends about dating the same type of boy who is looking for fun but not a commitment, who is lacking in substance and honesty, or who, as she sings in her own words, “[doesn’t] know how to hold a girl down when [he’s] gone”:

“It’s about the type of guy who says one thing but does another and thinks it’s not terribly obvious that their actions don’t match their words. It’s almost comical – and sometimes you just have to laugh it off, or in this case, sing it off! He doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, he just wants to be your boy toy!”

From mid-August to the beginning of October, Miller worked in the studio with  producer Caleb Lovely to create a very different sound in production. When making music, the singer-songwriter is determined to be sonically experimental in an industry that praises rules and boxes. Inspired by pop production and melodies yet loyal to her love for the honest storytelling and instrumentation associated with country music, “Boy Toy” is an evolution of Miller’s musicality.

hailey miller boy toy“I feel like ‘The One’ showed a lyric focused, deeper side of my artistry, and now with ‘Boy Toy’ I get to show a lighter, more fun side.”

The song starts off with a hypnotic synth-pop beat that carries on throughout the verse, and infuses into its catchy chorus with country rhythm, resulting in a truly infectious blending of pop and country.

With killer kiss-off lyrics like “good luck finding someone who wants to put up with you messing around and telling lies”, this is the girl power anthem listeners will want to turn up and shout-sing along to. More than any other song she’s recorded thus far, Miller is excited to release it out into the world:

“It made me feel empowered after going through a frustrating situation, and I’m hoping it can do the same for anyone going through something similar. I want it to be one of those pop-country anthems that you can’t help but sing along to. Something that makes people feel confident!”

In terms of what’s next, Miller will continue to do a lot of her favorite thing — writing. She is actively working on new music in her home base of Nashville, playing writer’s rounds and collaborating with her fellow creatives in town. In August, she celebrated her first year anniversary in Music City, noting that “it was really fun to look back on all the things [she’d] done musically in the last year.”

As Miller shares, it won’t be too long until we hear from her again!

“I’ve been super intentional about the music I’ve been creating, constantly searching for the last few songs to put on a potential EP next year. I will continue to work on new music in the coming months and get even more new stuff to your ears in 2020!”

Follow Hailey through her website at haileyemillermusic.com and her social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

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