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Caileigh Scott and Jacklyn Collier of ‘Girlcrush’ Are the Comedy Duo We Need

Girlcrush’s creators, Caileigh Scott and Jacklyn Collier talk about their empowering and funny sketch series, writing relationship, and why feminism truly benefits everyone.

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Actor Lee Shorten Talks Season Two of ‘The Man in the High Castle’

It’s definitely the holiday time of year. The weather’s a bit colder, the days are a lot shorter, and people are preparing to travel to visit with loved ones or bracing to have loved ones stay with them. It’s a good time for compelling entertainment so it’s a perfect time for Amazon’s binge-worthy web series, […]

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White Ninja: Vine’s First Narrative Series

Nothing has changed entertainment more than technology. Twenty-five years ago, we were watching television shows on cable and movies on VHS. Now thanks to the internet, we’re using streaming services, YouTube, torrents, and social media to be entertained in a variety of ways. Consumers and creators have the world at their fingertips, and though many […]

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Art and Secrets: The Art of More’s Patrick Sabongui

With the holidays comes family, gatherings, and a few days off from your regular schedule. That time off makes for a great time to binge watch those shows you’ve been meaning to watch. Crackle’s first original series, The Art of More, is definitely on our binge list for holiday break. We caught up with one […]

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5 of the Best Beauty Vloggers to Glam up Your Holidays

With the holidays here, we might find ourselves short on time for that beauty makeover at the salon or department store. This is why technology has become a convenient haven for the on-the-go girl! But with millions of videos on YouTube, sifting through what you need can lead to major distractions—like those adorable cat videos! Or […]

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“Just Super” – Mixing Superheroes with Wine While Fighting Sexism

Last year, acclaimed director and writer Joss Whedon didn’t hold back with his frustration towards the film industry’s treatment of female superheroes. In an interview with Digital Spy, the filmmaker spoke out about how sexism has prevented production of female-led superhero movies, saying how “there is genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism, and old-fashioned quiet misogyny that goes on.” It’s an evident […]

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Re-Gifting Christmas with The Girls with Glasses

We’ve all done it. Whether it be a birthday present, something from that aunt who won’t stop treating you like a piece of taffy and tearing at your cheeks, or from your Secret Santa at work, we’ve all re-gifted. Re-gifting is when we take a gift we’ve received and give it to someone else in the […]

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The Girls with Glasses: “I’m Not Fancy”

As Iggy Azalea’s infectious track “Fancy” is shaping up to become this summer’s biggest hit, that means we can look forward to a slew of hilarious parodies on the web! One such particular parody belongs to our friends over at The Girls With Glasses.

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So you think you know the future: FUTURESTATES

We live in a very “future” world. Many of the concepts and ideas that were once the domain of science fiction are part of our realities. Cars that drive themselves? Google’s got it. Handheld computers with the capability of accessing massive amounts of human information in our hands nearly all the time? Our Apple iPhones […]

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‘Mythos’ Makes Waves and Soars with ‘Sea and Sky’

In an industry where less than 10% of women produce or direct films, it’s refreshing to see someone like Miriam Pultro hammer away at the glass ceiling and build a platform for creative storytelling with “Mythos”. The critically acclaimed web series, which has been nominated and won numerous industry accolades, is the classic mythological tale of a hero’s journey based on mortality, family, love and fate.

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White Ranger vs. Scorpion: Universes clash in ‘Super Power Beat Down’

Attention fellow fanboys and true believers alike… Have you ever wondered who would win in a battle between Batman and Deadpool? Or what would happen if Wolverine encountered the Predator in the jungles of South America? Or even which Batmobile would cross the finish line first?

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Glassy is Classy: The Girls With Glasses Celebrate 3 Years! (And some big news …)

When inspiring television for women was headed down a spiral and “trainwreck TV” was on the upswing instead, Brooke White and Summer Bellessa joined forces to create and co-host a new kind of show with the “smart girl” in mind. A show for women that was different: refreshing, happy, uplifting, clean and with a whole […]

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A Hudsucker Exclusive: Big Announcement Regarding “The Girls With Glasses Show”

We’ve got some exciting news‬ coming at you tomorrow, August 5th! Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ELIZA Magazine, Summer Bellessa; and singer/songwriter and actress, Brooke White are the clever brains behind the online variety show, The Girls with Glasses. The two sat down with our writer Tatum Hawkins for an exclusive interview and dish on the latest scoop regarding their stylishly charming […]

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