Do you love writing and are a conversationalist? Are you enthusiastic with a sense of humor, are congenial and able to work with others? Think you’ve got a unique voice to contribute to The Hudsucker? Well, then here’s your opportunity!

We’re currently looking for bright, congenial personalities with strong passions for the art of writing. We look at ourselves as an online magazine, aiming to create a comfortable and unique environment not just for our readers, but our writers as well. With our words, together we hope to engage a positive readership, deep in thought and connecting with them through the world around us. The Hudsucker appreciates personality and with that in mind, it serves as a huge asset if you’re able to express yourself through your work. We believe it’s important to create a fingerprint with your writing and make a solid impression on our readers. Our writers write real and honest pieces, and are driven by their love and admiration on a variety of topics. Basically, we’re the ones at the party who would strike up a conversation with you on a dozen and one subjects, however random they may be. We want our readers to get lost with us in thought and emerge from a discussion that is definitely one of a kind!

If you are interested in applying for a position with us (not as a Guest Writer), shoot us an email at with the subject: “The Hudsucker: Writing Position.” It is essential you provide the following in your email:

  1. Full name, age and location;
  2. Strong writing samples of your work either online or in print;
  3. A social network of yours that you use frequently (preferably a public account on Twitter or Google+);
  4. Brief paragraph telling us about yourself–what you like, what you’re into, and most importantly, what makes you YOU;
  5. Tell us why you think you would be a perfect fit for our team;
  6. What article on our site made you want to write with us and why?
  7. With what you’ve seen and read from our magazine, tell us which writer you relate to the most in terms of style and tone.
  8. What subjects are you interested in writing about and contributing to our site? Example: fashion, health, arts, food, etc.
  9. Send two informal pitches of content you believe would fit perfectly with the tone and voice of The Hudsucker.
Failure to provide the above criteria will result in your application being rejected, so we urge you to check over your application before sending us anything.

Current Positions Available:


  • Number of positions to fill: 3
  • Must be committed to writing a minimum of two articles a month, consistently. You will be on a probationary period of FOUR months, meaning if your pitches/articles do not meet our criteria or you are unable to meet your monthly minimum, it will result in your removal.
  • Example of a current writer and their work: Nicole Drum


  • Number of positions to fill: 0
  • Must be committed to writing one article a month, consistently. You will be on a probationary period of FOUR months, meaning if your pitches/articles do not meet our criteria or you are unable to meet your monthly minimum, it will result in your removal
  • Example of a past contributor and their work: Chris Hill

From time to time, we will work together on collaborative pieces, so you must be friendly, social and communicative (strong interpersonal working skills). We would want all our writers to be able to accept constructive criticism and feedback too. You must be open to trying new things! You must be a team player!

We’re looking for writers from all over; both male and female who are extremely strong and fluent in English. We are seeking individuals who have a vibrant, bubbly personality, with a good sense of humor; are tech and pop culture savvy, along with being well aware of the trends and news going on around the world. All writers must be able to think outside the box and be random. Writing must be your passion and something you do regularly. This is not a place to practice your writing skills, nor treat it as a past-time. We expect every writer to have good use of time management as well.

We do not cover “Politics” or “Religion”.

ALL POSITIONS ARE UNPAID, SIMILARLY TO SOME INTERNSHIPS. YOU MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH WORDPRESS AND TWITTER. You must have a good grasp of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. A style guide will be provided to you upon acceptance. Additionally, we have a specific structure and style format to follow on our site, so WordPress and Twitter knowledge is incredibly important.

The Hudsucker serves as a platform and portfolio to further enhance your talent and experience in the ever-expanding blogosphere, as well as networking with the appropriate sources to advance your writing. More information regarding guidelines to writing for The Hudsucker will be given once you provide further details upon acceptance.

Good luck!

Read. Think. Repeat.