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Andrew Rogers is a social media and content editor at The Hudsucker. He constantly has our readers and their interest in mind when reviewing material for publication. Andrew assists and offers comments, suggestions and insight in order to make work stand out, helping to improve flow and aid in the design process. He constantly ensures that the end result of any publication matches the overall Hudsucker style and desired tone. In addition to Editor, Andrew helps out with social media and connecting with readers through various networks. This past March, he created an exclusive American Idol series, recapping the show’s performances and looking ahead towards the finale.

Coming off the east coast of Canada, this Toronto native attended Dalhousie’s Schulich Law School in Nova Scotia, studying to become a lawyer. Other than law, a few his favorite things include a good cup of Starbucks coffee in the morning, a day filled with Nintendo video games, a night filled with reality shows, a head filled with music, and a shelf full of books!

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Connect with Andrew:

Name: Andrew Rogers

Nickname: I don’t really have one. No one calls me Andy or Drew. Boring, I know. In high school, most people called me by my last name.

Favorite word in the English language: I love words that evoke certain senses like “vanilla” or “lavender” or “coffee”… see?

Least favorite word in the English language: Tough to say, but “moist” is a pretty ugly one.

Biggest strength: My ability to be open-minded and think critically, I would say.

Biggest weakness: Procrastination, but who doesn’t do this?

Biggest pet peeve: People staring over my shoulder while I’m on my phone or computer.

Favorite Food: Guacamole, but hold the cilantro.

Favorite Movie: Kenneth Brannaugh’s Hamlet. It’s just a great modern adaptation of the story that stays true to the original. I love it.

Favorite TV Show: Veronica Mars, so naturally I’m overjoyed about the Kickstarter Movie Project!

Favorite Musician/Band: If I had to choose a singer or a band not related to Idol, I’d choose OneRepublic. Their 3 CDs have all been so consistent and Ryan Tedder is a fantastic writer.

Favorite item of clothing that you just can’t live without: A comfortable pair of pyjamas.

Favorite sport: American Football. It’s just so intense. Every second counts!

Favorite team: The New Orleans Saints, as if you didn’t know already.

Favorite travel destination: I really love New York City, which is kind of cliche, but when you step off the touristy path, it’s a really interesting place.

Favorite fast food joint: Steak & Shake. Great burgers, great milkshakes, great fries. What more could you want?

Favorite season: Summer. I used to say Winter because I love Christmas, but I can’t stand the cold, plus no school which is always a plus.

Funniest thing that ever happened to you: So have you ever seen the episode of Friends where they all make their “Five People They Can Cheat on Their Significant Other With” lists? Well I ran into someone on my list and they, very seriously, were interested in me. Nothing happened, but I now laugh about it quite a bit in retrospect.

Within reason, what are your craziest goals and dreams? They’re actually quite modest and kind of overlap with my 10-year plan. I just want a nice place with my boyfriend and to have a good job in the legal field and to be making a difference. I guess, to get a little crazy, I love to sing so if Canadian Idol ever came back, I’d love to audition for that.

Most outrageous thing you’ve ever done: Some of the stuff I say to celebrities on Twitter is pretty outrageous, but I don’t know if that counts. I guess the most outrageous thing I’ve done that I’m now kind of proud of is going to law school and just not caring about what people thought about my sexuality. I let people find out I was gay however they found out and I think that was a brave thing to do, in retrospect, but it turned out to be a really smart thing to do as well.

If you had to sing one song at a karaoke bar, which one would you choose? Probably a song by the BeeGees since it’s what I grew up on. My parents love them.

What movie title best describes your life? It’s also one of my dad’s favourites so I guess I’ll say “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”. It’s my way of saying, you get all three things, but you have to deal with them regardless.

What is one of your most life-changing moments? When I came out to my parents. I’m happy to say that it didn’t put a strain on our relationship, but it certainly did alter my life.

Describe yourself in a single sentence: “Work in progress”.

If you were a superhero, what would be your super power? The ability to change my appearance at will. I think that’d be cool. I might lose my own identity somewhere in there but, what’s a superhero without a troubled past?

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which one book, movie and person would you want to take along? Book: “Shades of Grey” by Jasper Fforde. Movie: “The Hunger Games”. Person: My mom.

If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be? It’s hard to say because I feel like the consequences of any one wish would be extraordinary. But #1, I’d say, would be to never worry about money, which would let me do a whole bunch of things. #2 is kind of depressing. I’d say to let me bring my cat back to life because she was my best friend. And #3 would just be for the world to be a peaceful and environmentally & economically healthy place.

Last Song Played on your CD player/iTunes/iPod, etc: “Radioactive” by Marina & the Diamonds.

What made you want to write for The Hudsucker? Well, the short answer is Tania, but the longer answer is that I have things to say and the Hudsucker gives me a place to say them where people will actually listen. I don’t know a lot of people who will listen to my crazy, in-depth analysis of American Idol, but the Hudsucker let’s people who care about that kind of thing seek it out and find it and read it and that’s a really cool thing.

What is your favorite article on the site and why? Tania’s Peyton Manning piece because I can totally relate based on my love of football and a certain QB (Drew Brees).

Who is your favorite author on the site and why? Maybe it’s a personal bias, but I always love reading my friend Tania Hussain‘s articles.

What is one of your own favorite articles on the site and why? The Hitchcock one because it combined our love of film and strengthened the friendship between Tania and I.

Where do you see The Hudsucker in 5 years? Hopefully still true to itself, where each writer can writer about what they love without feeling stressed about it, but with more regular readers! I loved having people follow my Idol articles every week and I’d love to expand that kind of loyal readership.

What do you think of your fellow peers here at The Hudsucker? They’re very interesting, in a good way, of course! I haven’t gotten to know all of them outside of reading their articles, but just the sheer variety of what is written here at the site just shows that they’re cool people with very diverse interests!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully living in Toronto, or somewhere similar, with my boyfriend with a good job in the legal field that I enjoy. I don’t really know what job that will be yet, but so long as it’s worthwhile!

What words of advice would you give writers? Writer about what you like, because it will come more easily and don’t be such a harsh critic of yourself. Yes, your article is a representation of who you are so it should be edited and the like, but don’t fret about whether people will “like” what you’re writing about. Do it for you and let the rest follow!

Who do you look up to? No one person in particular because no one in my family is a lawyer, but I do respect the advice of my parents, grandparents, close friends and a handful of great teachers I’ve had over the years.

What is one of your favorite life lessons? That things happen for a reason. I’m not necessarily talking about some divine force, I just think that we have to learn from our experiences, good or bad, and become better people.

Favorite quote: 

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”