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Navigating Fashion After 40: Should There Be An Age Limit on What You Wear?

Representation of women over the age of 40 in the media is seriously lacking. When we do see older women on our television screens and in our magazines, they appear dowdy and their sole purpose tends to be emotional support and comfort. They are almost never the objects of sexual desire. When older women demand […]

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The Ramifications of Binge Watching

What are you currently binge watching? Whether it’s old comedies or a new dramatic series, there’s no shortage of TV shows to binge watch. My 94 year old Grandma who just watched eight episodes of Downton Abbey, or my 3 1/2 year old niece whose binging through Dora The Explorer will also tell you there is no age limit to this […]

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What We’re Owed: Musicians and Audience

In September, Talib Kweli Greene published a piece on Medium about Lauryn Hill. Specifically the article was about how people feel about Lauryn Hill and their demands in regards to her music and her performance. In an over-simplified nutshell, Greene stated that when people paid to attend a Lauryn Hill performance they weren’t paying to […]

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We’re All Cool: The Fiction That is “The Cool Girl”

In her novel Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn defines the perfect girl of the twenty-first century. The novel’s primary female character Amy, has a long speech in which she details this perfect girl, a creature she calls the “cool girl.” 

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The Truth About Internet Trolls

I find the notion of the Troll to be very interesting. I think this is because it is a strange notion. A Troll can be a person, a state of being, or an intention. A Troll can be anything on the spectrum between annoying to downright dangerous. I want to take the time to deconstruct the idea of the Troll and explore what it might mean.

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Is Social Networking Making Us Antisocial?

Today the media is not what it used to be. Communication in the past was simple and meaningful. Before the internet there were limited sources of information we had to rely on. The culture was then adapting to a limited mass media market, as was the limitation imposed on our intellect. However, the reality today […]

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