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Twilight Resurrected: A Review of Stephenie Meyer’s Gender-Swapped “Twilight”

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer released a “new” book, a gender-swapped version of Twilight itself. The book, entitled Life and Death and available only as a special double edition of Twilight, was intended to address the criticisms her portrayal of Bella has faced in the decade since the book’s original publication. […]

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Book Review: Learning Nothing From Lena Dunham’s ‘Not That Kind of Girl’

Back in 2012 Lena Dunham received a $3.7 million dollar advance from Random House to write a book of advice for young women.  The amount was staggering for a young woman who had never written a book before and was best known for her debut film, Tiny Furniture, and her controversial HBO series, Girls. Many […]

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One Big Happy Family

Book Review: Lisa Rogak’s “One Big Happy Family”

Sometimes, the most incredible family bonds are not the ones we were born into, but the ones we find for ourselves. In “One Big Happy Family“, Lisa Rogak shares heartwarming stories of interspecies parenting and guardianship among animals you wouldn’t expect to see living together, much less supporting and caring for one another. In these […]

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Book Review: It All Comes Down To Which Side You Choose in ‘Allegiant’

There are days when I wish I had my mother’s quality of incredible restraint when it comes to books. Her restraint is not in buying books (what voracious reader has restraint when it comes to the act of buying books? None, I tell you.) Instead she has this amazing willpower for books in a series. […]

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The Spectacular, “Spectacular Now”

On shelves dominated by paranormal romances, dystopian adventures, aliens, werewolves, and superpowers, The Spectacular Now is one Young Adult novel stripped down to the reality of a teen boy growing up in a familiar world. Without the help of flashy, overplayed teen fiction tropes, Tim Tharp delivers a real character in Sutter Keely — the […]

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Book Review: The World As We Know It Is Gone in “In The After”

Full, total and complete disclosure here: I love dystopia.  I also love zombies, vampires, aliens, and other unexpected creepy bad things that could end up in a dystopia.  If you manage to give me both in one book I am a very happy girl.  Put it in a Young Adult book and I’m yours.  With […]

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Not a Book Report, Just a Thought: Why It’s a Sin To Kill A Mockingbird

“… ‘Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.’ That was the only time I ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something and I asked Miss Maudie about it. ‘Your father’s right,’ she said. ‘Mockingbirds don’t do one […]

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Book Review: Emily Giffin’s “Where We Belong” with Exclusive Clip

I recently received an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of Emily Giffin’s latest novel Where We Belong. Popular Atlanta-based chick lit author Emily Giffin has penned five blockbuster novels including Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Giffin’s Something Borrowed garnered enough success and attention that the novel was adapted to film last summer starring Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

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