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The Pretty Files: Gallon of Water Challenge

No doubt you have seen those articles on the internet about the amazing effects of drinking a gallon of water a day. Many of them include a before and after photograph of the person writing the article showing an astounding transformation in their appearance. I’ve been fascinated with these articles. Drink a gallon of water […]

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The 10 Books That Stuck with Me

So many challenges have taken place on social media within the past few months, whether it’s the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the chain letter challenge, etc. ¬†Sometimes, they can be annoying, but lately, there has been a Facebook meme going around asking people to name the top 10 books that have stuck with them. I […]

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25 Ways to Feel Happier and Be Fearless in 2013

It’s January, and so starts a new year; so does a new year equal a new you? Don’t even question it anymore: 2013 should be your year. The start of a new 365-day cycle gives us a clean slate to start all over, make amends, achieve our goals, and fulfill our wishes. We make resolutions […]

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