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Monthly ‘Idol’ Roundup: April 2017

Idol fans will remember that April 7, 2017 marked one year since Idol crowned the winner of its farewell season. Some fans even say that the show has been teasing it’s return with tweets about auditioning, but even a year out from the show’s conclusion, there’s still plenty to talk about with the shows alumni from month to […]

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Album Review: Colton Dixon Reveals His ‘Identity’ on New Album

It’s very difficult to go through the experience of being on television in front of millions of people, be thrust into the music industry to churn out a record and remain true to oneself. It’s challenging enough to do this in the world we are living in — to not only  uphold your own values […]

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Monthly ‘Idol’ Roundup: March 2017

If American Idol had aired a 16th season, we’d be a few weeks into the finals right now with a little less than a dozen contestants left vying for that title. In a good season, we’d have more than a couple viable contenders left, so lets talk now about a few of those who made […]

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American Idol XV: Hollywood Week, Part 1

Over the 15 years Idol has graced our television sets, I’ve always wondered why the producers insist on keeping the group round as part of Hollywood Week. It’s painful to watch contestants stay up all night, struggle, and fight over choreography, only to tank (or succeed) the next day. However, I came to a few realizations […]

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A Message About ‘A Messenger’

For some, there’s stigma attached to the ‘American Idol’ machine that has cranked out superstars like Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert, to name a few, but I can’t see why. Before I delve into the real subject of this article, I’d like to defend the show’s credibility by simply […]

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