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SYTYCD11: With the All-Stars, Come New Stars

After last week’s shocking elimination, I knew that the only thing that could make it right this week would be some stellar dancing. The night opened with an interesting “Neon Cowboy” routine (as Nigel dubbed it) set to the fresh-off-the-press Nicki Minaj + Jessie J + Ariana Grande collab “Bang Bang”. While the routine was […]

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SYTYCD11: Double Eliminations Are Twice As Hard

Oof. If you just finished watching the show like I did, you know that tonight’s cuts were not easy. Double eliminations, over the course of SYTYCD history have been known for being extra bad because, somehow, some really promising talent gets swept under the rug and tonight… well, I won’t spoil it.

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SYTYCD11: Sweet 16 Makes It Hard To Cut

The title of my recap for this week is slightly misleading. I personally think the judges were making it seem like the decision on who to cut from the Bottom 6 was a difficult one when really the decision America made was absolutely the right one. I’ll go on to talk about why after discussing […]

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SYTYCD11: Top 18 Improves On Last Week

One complaint I had about last week’s show is that, despite such a strong cast of kids, I felt like the routines were lackluster, stale and recycled. I felt like Nigel heeded my call this week and brought back refreshingly honest guest judge Misty Copeland (who’s back again next week, so kudos for that) and […]

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SYTYCD11: Trimming The Fat on the Top 20

If you read my SYTYCD reviews last season, you’ll know I save discussion for the eliminations last and dive right in to talking about the routines. Before we get to that, let’s talked about the second of our Top 20 group routines. I thought the Broadway routine from the new choreographer (Joshua Burgasse) did a […]

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SYTYCD11: Speed Dating The Top 20

Before we lose two of them tonight, I thought I’d give you a run down of each contestant. Who has what it takes to win or at least crack the all-important Top 10 where they get to pair up with the uber-talented all-stars? Their showcase routines gave us a little taste of who is good […]

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SYTYCD10: Top 10 and 8 Performance Shows – The All-Stars Align

Well, I took a bit of a hiatus last week because I was moving from Montreal to Toronto and just didn’t have time to sit down and give you guys a thorough review of what I thought of the show, but let me tell you – I have a ton of thoughts about the last […]

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SYTYCD10: Top 12 Performances – Down to 10, All-stars Ahead…

The Top 12 results are simultaneously the most interesting and frightening of the season. With half the dancers in danger, we often get a bit of a shock, but it may also let us in the secret of who our front runners really are. That’s why it was interesting to see Malece and Amy in […]

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SYTYCD10: I’ll Just Take A Dozen

For the first time in weeks, I think there was some agreement on who the Bottom 3 might be and who the likely eliminees were after last week’s show, but just because there’s consensus, doesn’t mean that will be the result… so let’s talk results, and then routines, before the Top 12 is revealed.

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SYTYCD10: New Stars Emerge as 16 becomes 14

I’m going to start off this week’s recap with a very philosophical statement about this show. What makes it so different is that, since the judges have such a strong hand in choosing who goes home of the Bottom 3, we often come to resent them for it, especially when we would make different choices. […]

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SYTYCD10: Top 16 Performance Show – Not So Sweet Sixteen

After a week’s hiatus thanks to the All-Star Baseball game, SYTYCD is coming back on Tuesday night, so I thought I’d refresh your memory with my recap and, hopefully, get you excited for the next performance show.

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SYTYCD10: Top 18 Performance Show – Starts With A Bang

When I found out about the change of format for the results this season, I was hesitant to pass judgment. Generally, whoever calls the shots on “changes” to the SYTYCD format has been smart than changes to other reality show formats (like Idol). Often, the results (like adding the All-Stars back in Season 7) have improved […]

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SYTYCD10: Top 20 Performance Show – 20/20 Vision

The interesting part of tonight’s show is that, in many ways, the audience starts off like the dancers in one of the routines we saw tonight: blindfolded and waiting for the couples, and the judges true intentions, to be revealed. Tonight is when we see which fan favourites were paired with dancers we previously thought […]

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