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How to Step up Your Reading Game

So you want to become a voracious reader? If you’re like me, you have rows of hardcovers and paperbacks on your bookshelf, collecting dust as they wait for you to pick them up and devour them. Due to other more pressing priorities in your life, such as school, work and your freelance side hustle, your reading to-do list […]

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Making the Most of Summer Reading for a Relaxing Wind Down

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. Perhaps there’s even a light breeze. Maybe you’re at the park. Or sitting on a blanket at the beach. Maybe you’re just relaxing on your balcony. Wherever you are, summer is right around the corner, and with that comes one of the best summer activities – reading.

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Where Will All The Books Go?

We’ve all heard the worry that with e-books and e-readers taking over, there will no longer be any “real books” left. Since Kindles and Nooks took the market by storm a few years ago, their popularity has grown at a steady pace, causing book lovers around the world to do one of two things: rejoice […]

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