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Be Very Afraid… of the New Indie Horror Film “One Drop”!

Screams can be heard coming from large warehouse in a secluded part of town. The sun is slowly dipping beneath the horizon and train whistles can be heard in the distance. This could be someone’s worst nightmare… or it could be the set of the new independent horror film One Drop!

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A Life Worth Living: “The Happiness Project”

In the flourishing age of social media and progressive film-making, Ron Parida is hoping to make a difference and change the way we smile. The Los Angeles based creative director wants the world to know about his latest venture, The Happiness Project—a video series that looks into the lives of people fighting incredibly difficult circumstances, yet still choose to fight and maintain a positive attitude through it all.

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Enter To Win 2 Tickets to Robert Redford’s Film, “All Is Lost”

We are proud to announce a giveaway in partnership with PartnersHub, in conjunction with Lionsgate and Universal Pictures for the American drama, All Is Lost. Read on to find out how you can take part in our contest and win two tickets to the film which opens nationwide, October 25.

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Ben Affleck: The Renaissance Filmmaker

Every film is its own kind of expedition, and the way you move in that journey depends entirely on the director. Directing isn’t easy but reliance of the script, it should be able to challenge the directors and allow them to break new ground and reinvent their style. As a cinephile, I feel successful directors […]

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