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How You Know You’re Not Ready to Buy a Home Together

Owning a new home can be an exciting new chapter in your life, especially as a happy couple. In addition to the dreams you two work towards and build together, a new home can bring about a revitalization to your relationship and future. Not to mention as it’s routinely seen as an essential component to the […]

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Why You Should Prepare for a Financial Rainy Day

It is really easy to go every day without really thinking about money. Sort of. Most people think about money in some fashion daily, but usually in the context of bills that need to be paid, when pay day is, and the amount they are spending on their coffee habit. Most people don’t think about […]

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Credit Check: Building and Maintaining Good Credit

Once upon a time all you needed was your word to get you by. In the not horribly distant past you could pop into your local grocery store, pick up the necessities and have them charge it to your account with the clerk knowing that you’d be by in the future to settle your check. […]

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Getting “Financially Fit” in 2014

It’s 2014.  You survived the madness of the Holiday Season.  Depending on your personal traditions and beliefs you may have spent lots of money on gifts or food or travel or even just some self-care to escape the hustle and the bustle of everyone else partaking of their traditions.  You might even have decided that […]

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