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Starbucks’ Vibrant and Refreshing Fruity Frappuccinos Are Summer in a Cup

The allure and charm of bright summer fruits that are as vibrant in color as they are sweet, tangy and juicy in taste sparked the inspiration behind Starbucks’ newest Frappuccinos that are blowing up social media. With the Seattle-based company’s Unicorn Frappuccino taking off this past spring, it was only  a matter of time until […]

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7 Smoothie Recipes To Try This Summer

It’s not quite Summer yet—we’re just shy of 3 weeks to go—but the beginning of June tends to mark the start of Summer in our brains. Aside from the off day where it’s not quite hot, the Summer weather is already here, influencing the foods that we like to eat and drink. This usually puts […]

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Is Juicing Good For You?

Last year saw a huge surge in the popularity of juicing. Suddenly it was everywhere – magazines, mentioned in celebrity interviews, and juice shops were showing up everywhere. It seemed like everyone was doing it. With trends like this, it is hard for me to buy into them completely and not be a skeptic. My […]

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Do All Healthy Drinks Need to Be Boring and Gross?

​With all the recent concern over the amount of sugar in our food and drinks, there has been lots of talk about being more mindful about what you are drinking. Still – knowing how much sugar is in all your favorite drinks doesn’t always make you stop drinking them, especially when you think the alternatives […]

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