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How You Know You’re Not Ready to Buy a Home Together

Owning a new home can be an exciting new chapter in your life, especially as a happy couple. In addition to the dreams you two work towards and build together, a new home can bring about a revitalization to your relationship and future. Not to mention as it’s routinely seen as an essential component to the […]

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Guest Writer Andrew MacDonald: 5 Things To Consider with Your First Investment Property

Today The Hudsucker welcomes Andrew MacDonald, a Toronto based investor, financial analyst and founder of Ownership Solutions. Persistent on a mission to help many potential home buyers realize their dreams of home ownership, MacDonald’s services hope to benefit those owning a piece of real estate.

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Guest Writer Hanna Stecewicz: Should I Buy A Condo or Not?

As we introduce guest writers this month, today The Hudsucker welcomes Hanna Stecewicz, a Toronto real estate sales representative of Right At Home Realty Inc., with an objective to provide above par service to young urban professionals who want to own property in the city. 

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