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Building Resilience and Moving Ahead Through Tough Transitions

Breakups and layoffs suck. Whether it’s the end of a long-term relationship with someone you love, the loss of a job you were dedicated to, or another life-altering situation, being thrust into these scenarios where a big part of your life comes to a sudden end is downright unnerving and terrifying. You enter into that uncomfortable gray area of […]

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Time for a Change: 7 Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job

We spend approximately a third of our life working. With that kind of investment in time, it’s important that our jobs be something we enjoy doing and truly worth that large chunk of our lives. However, sometimes the job we presently have doesn’t meet our daily expectations, brings us satisfaction, or is devoid of any joy. When the routine and hustle lacks […]

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How to bounce back after missing out on a job

What to Do After Striking Out in the Job Market

So after all of that hard work and preparation you did for your interview, not to mention the days or weeks of waiting for a reply, you finally get an email response from the employer. Guess what? They’ve decided to go in “another direction.” You may be devastated or frustrated but it’s important to remember […]

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how to ace an interview

How to Succeed During the “Courtship” of an Interview

With the holiday lull well behind us and the first hiring season of 2015 already in gear, many people are prepping themselves for one of the most nerve-racking situations that they hope will connect them with the job of their dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the workforce for twenty years or just […]

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Staying Motivated At Work: Some Tips To Making It Through The Day

Work is, well, work. It’s rarely fun, always time-consuming, and most of us would much rather being doing anything else. During the cold winter months this desire to do anything but work is only exacerbated by the short daylight hours and dreary weather. It can be really hard to remain on task during the winter. […]

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How to Update Your Resume

It can feel like the job market is a little tough to break into these days. It may seem like no one is hiring, especially if you’re looking  in a career that typically has limited openings. There really are job opportunities everywhere if you know where to look. Online job ads, signs and billboards, and […]

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