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Monthly ‘Idol’ Roundup: June 2016

Last month, I attempted to soothe the pain of living in a post-American Idol world with a monthly recap updating you with the latest news on what the show’s illustrious alumni are up to. This month, I aim to continue that series, covering some of the music and non-music related stories concerning your favourite Idol […]

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Idol Top 2 Performances: What’s Sweeter: Candi or Kreedom?

That question (and those nicknames) have haunted us all season. This was the finale I was rooting for and let me just say that if you haven’t seen the last 12 seasons of Idol, then I’m going to just lay it all out for you: tonight was the best finale we’ve ever had from a […]

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Idol Top 3 Results: Finale Shocker

As I said last week, this is the Top 3 I wanted. I’d be happy if any one of them won in the end. That said, I don’t think I had clued in to the reality that, holy heck, one of them has to go home before the finale and, not only that, it could […]

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Idol Top 3 Performances: It’s A Sad, Sad Situation

You’ll notice this is the first title to not contain a pun and it’s because I’m in a very somber mood. The reality is just setting in for me that I have to lose one of these girls tomorrow night and, also, I just realized that I actually do want one of them more than […]

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Idol Top 4 Performances – One-Hit or Wonder?

I didn’t know what to expect coming into this week. I had high expectations because this is, without a doubt, one of the most talented Top 4’s we’ve had in many seasons. What I didn’t expect was the frustrating telecast that we actually ended up getting. It seemed none of the judges were hearing what […]

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