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Robert’s Top 10 Films of 2013

As another Christmas season comes and goes, one more annual tradition is right around the corner – New Year’s Eve, of course! When the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night, we bid our final goodbyes to the year that was and officially welcome the year 2014.

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Comparisons of Clout: DC’s Man of Steel Enters the Gauntlet of Marvel’s Iron Man

It has been a little over a month since the Man of Steel broke the box office in June. The anticipation of a “new” Superman and the seeming inevitability of a shared cinematic universe for DC Comic heroes provided a great foundation platform of audience excitement. Even with some of the negative reviews, Man of Steel […]

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Forging Steel with Humanity: Superman Reborn in “Man of Steel”

What does it mean to be human? Obviously science alone cannot be relied upon to provide all the answers when describing the depth of such meaning and accuracy because it’s not only about biology or physical makeup; it envelopes the entire cosmic being and its soul. It’s also a fundamental question regarding our existence that […]

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Plan of Steel: Learning From Its Predecessors

As a fan of comics and a fan of movies, it’s not hard to imagine that the “recent” influx of comic-book movies has me looking forward to summertime even more than I did as a child. Forget going on vacation or staying up late, now I get to see my favorite superheroes and villains fighting […]

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Dickens Rises With “The Dark Knight” In Gotham City

The most anticipated film of 2012 opened up this past July and is still stunning audiences, staying at the top spot of the box office this summer! Raking in about $834 million, the film is now the 30th most lucrative production of all time. The Dark Knight Rises is the compelling conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s […]

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Up, Up and Away! “Man of Steel” Teaser Trailers Released

As the world says goodbye to Batman with The Dark Knight Rises playing in theaters now nationwide, we welcome back another superhero in the teaser trailer for the Zack Snyder directed Superman flick, Man of Steel. An extended trailer premiered at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this month, however, audiences worldwide get to see […]

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