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“Monsters University”: Not Up to the Pixar Standard?

Monsters University, released on Friday, is the latest Disney-Pixar movie and prequel to the 2001 movie Monster’s, Inc. It stars Billy Crystal as Mike and John Goodman as Sulley, and features the voice talents of Steve Buscemi as Randall, a future fellow Monsters Inc. employee, and Helen Mirren as the strict Dean Hardscrabble.

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‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Earns High Score with Clever Script and Gaming Nostalgia

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph can easily be described as video games galore. The film’s opening – complete with an 8-bit title card – is a prime example. We’re taken inside the world of a popular arcade game called Fix-It Felix Jr., an 8-bit throwback to Nintendo’s 1981 classic, Donkey Kong. Here, we meet Wreck-It Ralph (John […]

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Movie Review: “Brave” Strikes a Bullseye!

Hear ye, hear ye! Disney and Pixar’s latest animated feature film hits right on target! From the dream team that brought us classics such as Toy Story, Up, and Monsters, Inc. comesBrave, a tale set in a medieval Scottish kingdom with Princess Merida of the Dunbroch clan at the helm of all the action. Merida is an unconventional princess […]

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