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Live Below the Line: An Epic Challenge

Live Below the Line is an interactive awareness and fundraising campaign through the Global Poverty Project that invites and challenges participants to live on the amount of food that someone living in poverty would have. In the United States that is $1.50 a day.

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Food Security: Taking the Food Stamp Challenge

Depending on which source you look at there are approximately 47 million Americans receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits or, as it’s more commonly called, food stamps. Seventy-six percent of that 47 million are families that include a child, someone who is disabled, an elderly person or some combination of all three. Forty-seven million is a […]

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#ScottBrosIndia LIVE Twitter Chat Raising Awareness for Anti-Child Labor and Trafficking

Children are the soul of our society and the lifeblood of our world. There is no keener revelation of a society’s soul than in the way in which it treats its children. However, it’s a sad reality that not every child in this world is treated with love, respect, and protection. Every day thousands of children […]

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