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5 Things You Learn in the Fourth Trimester

You read all of the books. Okay, you read a few of the books and some articles on a website or three. You went to all of your doctor’s appointments, spoke with parent friends, received a lot of awesome gear and things at your baby shower, and then welcomed your little bundle of joy into […]

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Chill Mama: 5 Ways to Relax During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time. You’re growing a brand new human being, you get to do some cool shopping, and everyone is excited for you. Sounds awesome, right? It definitely is, but pregnancy is not all excitement, shopping, and adventure. What many women don’t realize as they embark on the pregnancy journey is that for […]

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Grief and Joy: Being a Mom After Losing My Mom

My mother was a force of nature. She was only 17-years-old when she married my father, somehow convincing her parents that it was a good idea to let a girl barely out of high school marry a barely 20-year-old man due to go to Vietnam soon after. My mother was the sort of woman who was […]

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