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American Idol XV: Hollywood Week Concludes

Last week, we saw some of our favorite contestants from the auditions rise and fall when asked to sing in lines of ten with other contestants and in groups. This week, Hollywood Week reached its climax as the contestants performed twice more: once before the infamous division of them into three rooms with one of […]

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American Idol XV: Hollywood Week, Part 1

Over the 15 years Idol has graced our television sets, I’ve always wondered why the producers insist on keeping the group round as part of Hollywood Week. It’s painful to watch contestants stay up all night, struggle, and fight over choreography, only to tank (or succeed) the next day. However, I came to a few realizations […]

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American Idol XV: Auditions Come to a Close

Another chapter has closed in the final book of the American Idol series. Or should I say the “farewell” book? During the Television Critic’s Association Press Tour last Friday, Seacrest, Lopez and Urban all corrected themselves after calling the show’s 15th season it’s “final” season. Whether that means the show will return down the road […]

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American Idol XV: Auditions Continue

The second week of Idol auditions seemed to repeat the first, giving us plenty to think about after Thursday’s two-hour special, but leaving us a little high and dry after Wednesday’s one hour offering. Perhaps this arrangement was deliberate, leaving the audience wanting more for next week rather than ending on a bad note. Either […]

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American Idol XV: Two-Night Premiere

The doors to the 15th and final season of American Idol opened Wednesday night with a nostalgic note, delivering a montage of the moments where each of the previous winners claimed their title and leaving us wondering who would be “the bookend to Kelly Clarkson” that would come from this season. Big shoes to fill, no doubt, […]

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How to Send American Idol Off in Style

In just over a week, on Wednesday the 6th of January, American Idol will begin airing its final trek around the country to find a star and the pressure is on for the franchise and the judges (Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. are all returning) to find one last superstar, while simultaneously […]

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SYTYCD12: The Winner Is Revealed

After we found out Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance would be a radical change to the format of the show as we knew it, it was hard to know what to expect. How would this season’s “Team Stage” and “Team Street” stack up in comparison to the previous eleven seasons, where the contestants […]

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SYTYCD12: The Top 4 Try To Win It All

Tonight we saw the remaining four contestants battle it out without the stress of imminent eliminations on their mind. They’ll have to wait a week to find out who will be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer, but before that we got to see them all dance together and with another all-star to try to prove that […]

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SYTYCD12: The Top 6 Fight for the Finale

As Cat Deeley reminded us at the top of the show, tonight would be the night where she reveals the Top 4. Those results, however, would have to wait until the end of the show, which meant each member of the remaining six would have to dance their hardest since their votes tonight would count […]

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SYTYCD12: The Top 8 Hope to Be Great

It’s hard to believe that just over a month ago was the first time the Top 20 took the stage and now, we’re staring down the barrel of the finale with only six contestants left after tonight. But even the harshest critics of the show’s new Stage vs. Street format have to agree that the […]

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SYTYCD12: The Top 10 Join Forces With The All-Stars

Despite some great routines up to this point, I think it’s safe to say that most SYTYCD fans wait for the night where the show’s best alumni, the “all-stars”, join the ten remaining contestants for some routines that are just that much better for the involvement of a pro and we definitely had a few of those […]

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SYTYCD12: The Top 14 Dance Again and the Top 10 is Revealed!

Last week, our consummate host Cat Deeley spilled the unfortunate beans that we’d be losing four members of our talented Top 14 and with the deck so stack, especially on the Street side of things (at least, in my opinion), I knew we’d likely lose at least one dancer before their time tonight, but before we […]

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SYTYCD12: The Top 16 Deliver Some Sweetness

Perhaps executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe heard the cries of fans for more pairs routines, as they’ve produced some of the season’s most memorable moments thus far, or maybe it was always in the plans, but last night’s show was arguably the season’s best yet as some of the night’s duos had some tricks up […]

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