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Examining the Warning Signs of Manipulation

Nobody enters into a relationship that they know will be damaging or cause abuse, be that physical or emotional. Despite not knowing it from the start, many relationships can become damaging in both obvious and subtle ways. No matter how negative the relationship may become, leaving your partner is never an easy decision. For those in emotionally […]

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Respexuality: The Role of Respect and Communication in Sex

What does it mean to have a healthy sexual relationship? When I was first taught about sexuality, it was not by some crumpled magazine or my sister’s Cosmopolitan—instead, it was from my fourth grade Catholic teacher. Sex was simply something to not be done, except with the person you marry and the idea of sexual […]

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Where Have All the Westleys Gone? The Search for Chivalry

Because I grew up on Disney movies and fairy tales, the first thing that usually pops into my mind when I hear the word chivalry is a handsome knight in shiny metallic armor riding a white horse on his way to rescue a damsel in distress or save a helpless princess from the clutches of […]

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