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Album Review: James Durbin Leads the ‘Riot on Sunset’

One of the most exciting parts of being a music fan is following a band or singer’s career and hearing the ways their sound and lyrics evolve from album to album. When James Durbin rocked the Idol stage back in Season 10, he was known for his slogan “Keep Metal Alive,” having brought songs by […]

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Idol Top 7 Results – Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Yes, the title of this recap is a Meatloaf song. An artist that likely could have been  part of this past week’s theme but wasn’t for a variety of reasons, one of which is Nigel’s reluctance to clear songs that haven’t been sung to death on the show for anyone but his Chosen Few. Alas, let’s […]

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Idol – Top 8 Results: Boys At The Bottom…

I apologize for the late results show recap this week. I went home for the holidays and didn’t really have a spare second to breath, let alone write a comprehensive article on what went down on Thursday night, but I’m here now to give you my insight on the constant grinding of the gears in […]

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