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Source: Melissa Gidney

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Actor Jason Bell Talks Stunt Work and the New Installment

Over the weekend, millions of theaters worldwide housed teenagers, children, and adults alike twitching with excitement over the newest installment of their favorite sci-fi franchise, Star Trek Beyond. Fans of the popular Star Trek films and television series, also known as “Trekkies”, donned their best U.S.S. Enterprise uniforms and practiced their Vulcan salutes as they […]

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Star Trek: Into Darkness – Is this Alternate Universe all it’s cracked up to be?

As a long-time fan of many of the elements utilized in the creation of the latest addition to the Star Trek franchise, it’s difficult to come into this review of the second film of this new era objectively.  Speaking as a J. J. Abrams fan, I was instantly pleased to hear that he would be […]

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