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The Hudsucker’s Ultimate Spring Playlist 2018

Spring is finally here! While winter had given us some crazy cold temperatures this season, all of that is about to change with a forecast promising better weather in the weeks ahead across North America. But to help you get ready for a brand new season, you need to refresh your music playlist!

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6 Must-See ‘Simpsons’ Premiere Episodes to Kick off Season 29

With season 29 of The Simpsons set to premiere on FOX at 8 p.m. on Sunday Oct. 1, it seems like the perfect time to look back at some of their best premiere episodes. While the middle and later seasons of the show usually began with Treehouse of Horror episodes, the earlier seasons kicked off with some […]

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Glee Sings The Beatles

In 1964, The Beatles‘ first live television performance in the US on The Ed Sullivan Show sparked the explosion of Beatlemania, which had a monumental influence on how we listen to and interact with music. In our pop culture today, Glee uses songs to tell their stories of friendship, heartache, and what it’s like to […]

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Idol Top 9 Results – I Never Really Cared Until You Left Us

After a promising Top 10 results show featuring statistics and a detailed breakdown of the votes, that promise was revoked this week and Nigel withheld the details of which contestants landed in the Top 3. I’m guessing because it wasn’t the three he was hoping for, so he led us to believe that everything was […]

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Idol Top 9 Performances – Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice

I’m going to open with this disclaimer: I don’t have any strong feelings about the Beatles. What I mean is, I don’t worship them as God’s gift to music, like some people, but I don’t hate them either. I recognize that they knew how to write a good song with solid lyrics and a great […]

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