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Concert Review: Lady Antebellum Owns the Night on Their ‘You Look Good World Tour’

A sold-out crowd at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage could only mean one thing: country superstars, Lady Antebellum returned to their honorary Canadian roots for a memorable, fun-filled show that certainly delivered. Since filming the music video for their breakthrough hit, “Need You Know” in 2009 at the King Edward Hotel, the Nashville, Tennessee band has had […]

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Coffee Guide: Toronto, Ontario

The coffee scene has exploded in Toronto within the last few years with cafés popping up in and around the city at a rapid rate. From independent cafés to cookie cutter chains like Tim Horton’s on every street corner, the mega Canadian city has found bean bliss! And we don’t blame them. With creative, innovative […]

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BookCrossing: Traveling Books Across the World

“I’m free! I’m not lost!” The words catch my eye immediately. I’m in the middle of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market on a bustling Wednesday at lunch time, crowds of people hurrying past me in every direction. No one else’s eyes fall on the red hardcover book with the yellow sticky note on the cover, proudly […]

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Be Very Afraid… of the New Indie Horror Film “One Drop”!

Screams can be heard coming from large warehouse in a secluded part of town. The sun is slowly dipping beneath the horizon and train whistles can be heard in the distance. This could be someone’s worst nightmare… or it could be the set of the new independent horror film One Drop!

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Kristian Bruun & Hannah Cheesman: Passionate about Periods

In recent years, previously-taboo topics like gender, sexuality, and sexual health have become more mainstream. People are becoming more educated about STDs, awareness campaigns are working to remove the stigma against the LGBTQ+ community, and more and more women and men are self-identifying as feminists. People are learning and having discourses that, not too long ago, would have only been found in small niche groups or in a classroom. But there’s another topic that falls under this broad umbrella of gender, health, and human sexuality, and it’s one we haven’t quite demystified yet:

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Introducing BITTEN’s Newest Cast Member: Tommie-Amber Pirie

With dozens of film, theater and television roles under her belt, as well as a Canadian Screen Award nomination, Canadian actress Tommie-Amber Pirie is no stranger to both the stage and the screen. With roles on shows such as CTV’s The Listener, Showcase’s Lost Girl, and Syfy’s Warehouse 13, as well as film credits for […]

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“WHAT IF”: A Rom-Com That Won’t Give You Cavities

Can men and women really be just friends? It’s a question as old as time, almost, and one that’s been posed in dozens upon dozens of romantic comedies. It’s clichéd, it’s tired, and it’s been proven untrue countless times. But this month’s new romantic comedy, What If, asks a slightly different question: can a man […]

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Canadian Pride: WHAT IF’s Meghan Heffern

For Canadian actors in the film and television industry, their options seem relatively clear-cut: work in the Canadian film scene, work on American projects shot in Canada, or move to the States to try and make a career in Hollywood. So when a project comes along that’s shot and set in Canada, features big-name talent, […]

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The Queen of Comedy: Canada’s NAOMI SNIECKUS

As the saying goes, laughter truly is the best medicine—and if anyone knows about laughter, it’s award-winning actress, writer, and comedienne Naomi Snieckus.

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The Bomb Girls Are Back!

Throughout history, women have always been fighters. We’ve fought to be educated, to go to work, and for the right to vote. So when the fate of their show was announced last spring, the ladies of Bomb Girls didn’t take their series cancellation lying down. They fought back.

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The Best Show You’re Not Watching: “Bomb Girls”

When World War II is depicted in the media, we normally hear stories of concentration camps or see images of soldiers fighting overseas in Europe. It’s less common to see war stories told of those left behind as those brave men went off to war – stories of the women who, for the first time […]

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