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Property Brothers are back with “Buying & Selling”

The reality television series, Property Brothers has been a complete success for HGTV and the W Network since its premiere back in 2011. On the home design show, twin brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, help home buyers in the purchase and renovation of “fixer-uppers”. Drew is a sharp real estate agent whose expertise helps families find the perfect home and negotiate the purchase; while Jonathan is a tough contractor who tears apart the shanty ruins and makes the gorgeously constructed “dream home” for the owners. Together the two of them help families to find and create the home they’ve always wanted.

Image Credit: Cineflix 2012

Image Credit: Cineflix 2012

The Scott brothers are now back with another home show, this time around aimed at helping homeowners climb the next rung in the property ladder by “buying” a new home and “selling” their old one. The show, Buying & Selling premiered August 29 on HGTV and sets an overall tone for the new series. The show, in which homeowners get advice from the two on how to sell their current home and purchase a new one begins with a couple whose home gets a tiny reno-treatment while courting the idea of a new residence.

The episodes feature two key elements that include Drew helping to sell the family’s home and hunt down the best property so they can buy another, just as Jonathan prepares their current home for a successful sale. While Drew takes care of all the real estate needs for buying and selling, Jonathan uses his creativity and unique vision to renovate the home so the family can get the best investment for sale out of a little renovating. The show shares tips on how to stage your home while making it an appealing sale to potential buyers.

It is an hour long show and features great tips for homeowners on how to prepare a home for sale and what needs to be adjusted in order to sell efficiently. One of the episodes saw Drew suggesting to the young family how not to have a playground in the front of your house because it shows you don’t have enough space in your backyard; or how it’s best to maintain your front yard because it shows potential buyers that there wouldn’t be anything wrong on the inside if the outside is taken care of. Essentially, one episode showcases the message of how it’s important to give your home a light makeover, while depersonalizing it so buyers can imagine themselves in the home.

Drew and Jonathan working together with a family to prepare their current home for sale, while helping to find their next dream home. Credit: Cineflix 2012

It’s a great show and serves its purpose of informing the average buyer of how to get the most out of their home. Buying & Selling maintains that congenial charm and sincere chemistry that the dynamic duo have from their current show,Property Brothers. They are both very sincere in how they respond to their clients’ needs and wants. It’s endearing to watch because it shows how much the brothers really care and work hard to accomplish those goals set out for them.

There is a bit of a difference with this show and their other, in regards to the shared screen time between the brothers. While Property Brothers features half of Drew and half of Jonathan for the whole hour, a lot of Buying & Selling focuses on Drew’s work; going around town, looking for the perfect property and working the deals for homeowners buying their new residence, and then selling their current. With that being said, it doesn’t mean audiences don’t get a healthy dose of Jonathan, because they do and we get a chance to see him work his magic for properly staging a home.

Buying & Selling is another interesting way the Scott brothers have been able to showcase their talents and success to audiences. The show airs Wednesdays on HGTV and will premiere on W Network in Canada, come January. You can also watch Drew and Jonathan Scott on their new season of Property Brothers, on HGTV and W Network. Check your local listings!

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