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Borderlands 2 Review

Borderlands 2 returns players to the insane world of Pandora, and this time, it’s personal…

Image Credit: 2K

Image Credit: 2K

For gamers who somehow missed Borderlands, the breakaway hit of 2009, it was a superbly ridiculous openworld FPSRPG; with the main focus being on guns, guns and more guns. Between the main game, and the four DLC add-ons that were later released, players lost the end of 2009 (and a fair amount of 2010) to a world of midget-burning skag-killing loot-dropping madness.

The Borderlands 2 narrative is well designed both for returning and new players, with all new playable characters, and a completely new plot; but enough references to the first adventure to keep original players happy.

For the first few hours, Borderlands 2 feels more like expansion than sequel (not that I’m complaining…); but soon enough you start to encounter completely new enemy types, and newer (believe it or not, crazier) weapons. the work that Gearbox has put in starts to shine through.

Gearbox have obviously listened to fan input, with some of the wrinkles of the first game now ironed out (characters physical appearance is now far more customizable with new skins unlocked throughout the game; items can now be swapped between characters you own without handing to a friend and then reloading the game).

One of the biggest improvements comes in the form of a far improved single player game. The plot is deeper in Borderlands 2, and there is a lot more character involvement and dialog, so players playing alone won’t feel so lonely out in the Borderlands.
That said, it’s always going to be a game to play with friends. If ever there was a sandbox for blowing stuff up, this is it.

In terms of the characters themselves, the original four Borderlands classes (Soldier, Siren, Sniper, Brick(Tank)) return in some degree or other. The soldier (now commando) probably changes the least of the group, with the turret planting action skill still available. The Assassin can now be customized either as a sniper or an up close killer, with the bloodwing skill replaced with stealth and deception skills. The Siren exchanges invisibility skills for the ability to lift enemies off the battlefield for others to attack (great in a team game). The biggest change is in the form of the Gunzerker (replacing Brick); while still a tank class, Brick’s rage is replaced by a Gunzerk rage that allows the player to wield any two guns.

Elemental weapons work mostly in the same fashion as the first game (some weapons come with the ability to do bonus elemental damage, in the form of fire, electrical, explosive or caustic). The main change being that instead of the elemental multiplier shown on a weapon, there is now percentage chance to cause elemental, and amount of damage caused. There is also a new elemental in the form of Slag. A slagged enemy takes additional damage (again, great for team games, if one player slags and others finish up).

Overall: If you can put it down, you’re doing better than me. The humor, intense action, and sheer insanity of the Borderlands world is back, and it’s better than ever. With a slew of DLC due to come out in the following months, this will be the game that keeps on giving.

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