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Paulette is a contributing writer and photographer here at The Hudsucker. She lives in the most beautiful of all the states, New Mexico. She’s probably eating right now or thinking about eating. She loves food so much. Follow her on Twitter as @pollydo5.

Paulette Through The Looking Glass: Halloween

Photographer and passionate art enthusiast, Paulette Tafoya introduces readers and art lovers alike in the first of her exclusive series to The Hudsucker, “Paulette Through The Looking Glass”. This month Tafoya showcases the beauty and fun of Halloween!

I love Halloween.  It’s not just because of the candy either, although the candy does occupy a pretty significant space in my heart.  I love it because many things associated with Halloween are some of my favorite things:  Witches, ghosts, voodoo, fortune tellers (that I have some sort of weird connection with but that’s a story for another time), and monsters. Here are some photos that illustrate how I see the holiday and a few of my absolute favorite things related to Halloween!


I adore pumpkins.  I love their color.  Orange is my favorite color, after all.  I love how they come in all sizes and how none of them are perfectly shaped.  I love the sound they make as you carve into them or scrape their skin off.  Plus, pumpkin flavored anything is delicious.


I’m obsessed with skulls. Sugar skulls. Calaveras. Dia de los Muertos. What can I say? I think they are beautiful. And we all have bones inside, right? Our skulls make us all the same.

The Spirit World

Halloween is believed to be a time when the door to the Otherworld opens just enough for the souls of the dead to visit our own world.   Cemeteries seem like a good place for that door to be, right?  I find cemeteries fascinating, especially the ones that are in all the little towns around New Mexico.  They have a history and a story to tell; they’re old and dusty and falling apart and I just think that’s cool.

Halloween is a great time to see the beauty in things that are not considered beautiful by most people.  So, buy a warty pumpkin, take a walk through a cemetery, get a tattoo of a skull!  Okay, you don’t have to do that last one, but do have a very fun and happy Halloween!

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