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The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your Holiday List

Let us be the robot to churn out holiday gift ideas! (photo credit: Robert Parviainen / from Flickr, part of Creative Commons)

Let us be the robot to churn out holiday gift ideas! (photo credit: Robert Parviainen / from Flickr, part of Creative Commons)

We all know shopping for the perfect gifts for your family and friends can be stressful. That’s why we put together this little guide to help you decide on what to give this holiday season! Whether your brother is a hardcore football fan or a geek at heart or your best gal pal is a pop culture junkie or total girlie girl, we found things we think they’d love (and won’t entirely break the bank!). Most of these items can only be ordered online but with a little over two weeks left till Christmas, they’ll get to you on time if you act quickly. So fret no more and start checking those names off your list! And who knows…maybe you’ll be inspired to treat yourself to these goodies too!


Image Credit: HitREcord

Your family member or friend’s creative juices will be flowing and their appreciation for lovely visuals will be reinforced once they set their sights on these postcards from hitRECord ($10). Artists collaborated on actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s innovative production company to create this exclusive set of ten postcards, and the gorgeous illustrations are quite a feast for the eyes. They can be used to send little notes, but they can also be used to add touches of offbeat class as decorations for any space.


Image Credit: Chronicle Books

We all have that rude family member or pal who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word filter, and enjoys throwing insults and making very vulgar comments. So why not at least teach them to be more cultured while they’re at it? Jason Sacher’s How to Swear Around the World ($12.95) offers the most shocking and explicit ways to say dirty words in dozens of different languages. The comprehensive phrasebook features phonetic pronunciations and useful illustrations, and contains everyday swear words as well as complex insults. Your Uncle Roy or friend Jay may also want a plane ticket after going through this book—please politely decline.


Image Credit: SportsFreak365.com / NFL

Pro football season will be over soon, but it can be festive all-year-round for the fan in your life with a custom NFL calendar from Sports Freak 365 ($24.95). You can assemble your football fan’s dream team by choosing from over 3,000 officially-licensed photos of players from all NFL teams. Once you’ve chosen a player for every month, make it even more personalized by uploading your own images and messages—perhaps a throwback photo to mark your wedding anniversary, or a special birthday greeting!


Image Credit: Capcom

Board games and video games meet for this cool set your gamer will definitely get a kick out of: The Monopoly Street Fighter Collectors Edition ($34.95) is the long-time favorite board game with a beloved video game theme. Turn in Bison dollars to conquer all the stages you know and love from the Street Fighter games, and play as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li’s cuff, Vega’s mask, and more! Your gamer can leave the video game console for another kind of game with familiarity.


Image Credit: Think Geek

Hard-working smarties need their caffeine, or a beer on the days they dare to relax. Give them the mug that fits their needs and their personality with a laboratory beaker mug from ThinkGeek ($11.99-$19.99). There are two sizes to choose from: 400 mL or 1000 mL. It can be used like any typical mug—it’s just made to look like a piece of lab equipment! Your favorite geek will have oodles of fun measuring their drinkable liquid of choice. You must warn them though that this mug is NOT appropriate for measuring chemicals!


Image Credit: Pop Sugar

For the stylin’ young lady who loves fashion, beauty, cute things for her home, and also loves surprises, get her PopSugar’s Must-Have Box for December or January ($35). These subscription boxes ship free and there’s no knowing what’s inside until you or the recipient actually receives them; however, that’s part of the fun and the selections hardly ever disappoint! High-quality and full-sized products featured in past boxes have included scarves, jewelry, body lotion, nail polish, candles, wine glasses, baking mixes, fitness DVDs, books, and movie tickets. If you’re feeling extra generous (or want to try some products for yourself!), take advantage of their 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year subscription options.


Image Credit: PhotoJoJo.com

If you have a loved one who takes professional pictures or wants to feel like they do, they can instantly turn their iPhones into a fancy camera with the Photojojo Phone Lens Series ($49). This set of fisheye, telephoto, and wide/macro pro quality lenses attach through adhesive removal metal rings to put on the phone—the lens then attach magnetically. These removable lenses will allow your darling Instagrammer to take a variety of images like never before: round, ultra close-up, expanded view, and zoomed in. They’ll have the one-up on all their friends in their cell phone photography! Who says you can’t take big-time pictures on a little camera?


Image Credit: StudioBriefing.net via MoviePass

As movie studios unveil their Oscar contenders at this time of year, your favorite film buff will want to catch them all before the big show. Save them time and money at the box office by giving them a gift subscription to MoviePass (1 mo. $49.99/3 mos. $119.99). This new service allows moviegoers to watch all the movies they want at a low price—there are no blackout dates, and the service is valid at many movie theaters across the US. There are a few catches though: The recipient needs an iPhone or Android to download and use the exclusive app to check in and 3D and IMAX movies aren’t included in the fee. There’s also some waiting time involved as MoviePass is still in beta. However, considering the price of going to the movies these days, this gift is one your movie fan will surely appreciate. Additionally, there will be some perks involved in becoming a MoviePass member, such as access to advanced film screenings and special events.


Image Credit: USB Geek

I spend a lot of time at my computer, and you definitely know someone who does too. Long hours can bring the heat to tech equipment, so for those who are glued to their computer, get them this USB air purifier and thermo alarm clock from USB Geek ($32). This modern and multifunctional gadget cools your computer via USB cable, displays the time, date, and temperature on a digital display, serves as an alarm clock, and lights up! Your computer geek will love how handy this thing is and appreciate the new addition to their desk.


Image Credit: Urban Outfitters

Personally, I don’t know anyone who can call themselves a lover of TV shows and not like Arrested Development. To celebrate the upcoming return of one of the most hilarious and smartest sitcoms of all-time, get your favorite couch potato this unique Arrested Development T-shirt from Urban Outfitters ($24). This fun shirt includes a graphic of the Bluth family’s signature outfits, from George Sr.’s orange prison jumpsuit to Tobias Funke’s cut-offs. Through showing AD love this way, your TV fan will be bound to get everyone talking wherever they go—and it’s comfy enough for lounging in the living room too!


Image Credit: BellaBrights on Etsy.com

The world is supposedly ending soon, so let the aspiring writer closest to you gather and  jot down their thoughts before the zombies arrive! Stamped with the words “zombie apocalypse survival guide,” this quirky and efficient moleskine notebook ($10.95) from BellaBrights on Etsy comes in a perfect pocket-size, along with some perforated pages for giving notes and a pocket to hold business cards, receipts, tickets, and more. Whenever inspiration strikes, your favorite writer will have a place to write it all down, and also a convenient reference when the dead comes to haunt us on December 21st.

Can’t find your family member or friend in these descriptions? Still stuck for gift ideas? Leave a comment—we’d love to share more suggestions! Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

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