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Tania is currently the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Hudsucker, and Senior Editor at the Nashville, Tennessee based PopCulture.com. With past writing and editing credits with Womanista, Quietly, the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) and NBC Newsvine, she is currently a member of Indianapolis based, Society of Professional Journalists — one of the oldest organizations in the U.S. that promotes and represents journalists. She is an avid Indianapolis Colts, Elvis Presley and baseball fan as well as a lover of pancakes and fine cheeses, film, and music. Tania is a Hoosier at heart with a passionate wanderlust for always traveling and giving back to those in her community. She is currently studying at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Follow Tania on Twitter: @westlifebunny.

Letter from the Editor: Read, Write and the Pursuit of Happiness

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”

John Wayne

Dear Readers,

I cannot express how excited I am about the new year! We’re at that time of year where you can actually feel January and understand what it all means. That glimmer of Christmas is gone; that crack of the champagne bottle now echoes in the distance, and it’s all in the past. Think about what’s behind you and realize that today is a new day—a new world is at your fingertips and you have the ability to make it what it is. What’s done is done and our futures lie brightly ahead.

It’s been said that New Year’s Day is the most active-minded holiday of the year, exploring your emotional and psychological needs. How you spend those moments after midnight depict your true motives for how you’d like to carry out the rest of the year and what you desire most out of your life. Think about all your New Year’s celebrations. Where were you? Who did you spend them with? The day after New Year’s reveals how people want to better themselves and improve their lives and most importantly, attain happiness. Happiness is the being of our souls; the sole purpose of our lives. New Year’s, more than any other day we will ever celebrate, marks the prospect of meaningful attainment and restores hope and faith. It makes our dreams all the more possible because we have that ability to start fresh.

But what about the days ahead?

Last year became a particularly tough one for me, but with darkness comes light. All these endings and disappointments we may face in life bear hope to new beginnings and courage like we’ve never known before. Twenty-thirteen, a new year can prove that no darkness, no loss or grief, mixed with overwhelming sadness is ever final. We grow from experience, gain strength and an abundance of wisdom. I’ve learned that in order to move forward in life, it takes great courage but with hard work you can explore the idea of happiness and how you wish you achieve it.

My best friend and an all-around amazing man, told me about happiness one night. Or at least how he perceives it. At times, I often feel he has been too cynical because of choices and the road he’s taken to understand the beauty of such a concept but he makes sense with such an idea. In accordance with the United States Declaration of Independence, he believes that while we are all given the right to pursue happiness, it’s not exactly guaranteed to us. With what I have been through in these last few years, this heart of mine understands that. Our lives are met with challenges everyday that deter us from our goals and ultimately a state of being happy eternally. That being said, with happiness being the sole purpose of our lives, it is important today to design a goal in order to achieve where you want to be. Happiness cannot be postponed or scheduled in. You make something of your life now and I can guarantee that if you keep moving towards something new and fresh, you’re bound to find yourself and just be happy.

When I started this magazine, it was through a conversation one night with good friend, fellow writer and managing editor, Katherine. We were both talking about our writing and how much it means to us and hoping that one day our words would affect an audience. I had flirted with the idea of creating a magazine years ago but I never thought I could do it and quite frankly, some of my friends didn’t either.

Being with family and friends, makes me happy; traveling and seeing the world, makes me happy; being in love and knowing how it makes me feel with a mere memory, makes me happy. But writing, in all that it is and feels, makes me incredibly happy. Over the years I’ve tried to deny it and the people that know me best know it too and have fought me on it. I actually appreciate it though and know they have my best interests at heart. Creating this site was once just an idea but it took a lot of guts to get to where I am today. Some would call my move impulsive and ambitious but I guess you could say something inside me just ‘woke up’ because the very next day after that conversation I created The Hudsucker. I wanted to create an online magazine with a blog twist; capture the personalities of writers within their words and relate to readers in the best way we know how through honesty and genuineness. I opened the doors and began recruiting talent, that to this day, excite and impress me. Each member of this team makes me extremely happy because they are honestly, the best bunch of writers I have seen today. In some sense, they’re just like you and me. They’re not “hoity-toity” in any form; they are real people who write—good people who write. I am proud of this site and the work we’ve published together. Each article showcases not just massive talent through the art of writing, but true character that will beam throughout the blogosphere. Reading each writer’s work is a true delight because you can relate to them as they showcase who they are within those words on the screen.

My writers are awesome. They inspire me. They amaze me. They make me happy. The Hudsucker wouldn’t be here without them and I will always value not just their work, but who they are as individuals because they have these gorgeous personalities that truly shine with such vibrant character.  They are all different but fundamentally have the same heart, and because of them by my side, I see good things in the future for this magazine. These writers really are the individuals you’d find at a party and talk to and have engaging conversations with because they have so much to say, on so much. They are true blue and it’s not often you can find someone to discuss random subjects with. That’s a big part of who we are. You’ll find a lot of online magazines in a blog style but I can challenge you, you will never find a team like this. We’re not just colleagues and friends who write together; we’re family and I can never thank each one of them enough. I can only hope they understand and know how much of my heart they each encompass and that each time they produce an article, it not only puts a smile on my face but brings hope and validity to their own pursuits of happiness.

I’m excited and I see the future being bright for The Hudsucker! Today is a new day and we make it what it is. Dare to be yourself and don’t waste time being who you want to be. Don’t think that if today passes that means you can’t make something of yourself tomorrow. You can do it the very second you think it because life doesn’t change on New Year’s Day, it only begins. You’re entitled to being happy and in order to do that, you need to pursue what you want most in this life whether it be through career, love, family, friendships, any of it and all of it, because every second is of infinite value and if you wait now you’re just getting older tomorrow. Make the most of your life and I promise you won’t regret it.

To leave you all with a quotable, at the start of my friendship with my best friend, a few years back late one night, he and I were chatting about time and how our lives intertwined that summer of 2009 in a very serendipitous manner. To this day, it still leaves a smile on my face despite the bittersweet events that took place. Our meeting was almost like it was kismet. When we got talking he mentioned, how “time rockets by like a speedy locomotive”, to which I quipped, “But it’s what you do with that time before it rockets away that counts most.” That conversation has always resonated with me. It’s important in this changing world that you make the most of your today because you need to mark your fingerprint through your words, your thoughts, your dreams and goals, and your overall being because life is beautiful and we all affect each other. Through your own pursuits of happiness, you make others happy much like a ripple effect.

It’s been a slow month but I promise you these months ahead will be exciting and fun! We will bring you brand new content, interesting and informative articles that not only provoke thought, but will make you glad you came across our site and read something. We have a bunch of new writers on board and that means new minds, new personalities, and lots of new content to explore! We will also be introducing guest writers who are notable personalities from different industries to share their own quirks and personal knowledge on a variety of topics they wish to explore; along with introducing advice columns and a spin on the collaborative pieces, a reader favorite.

You’re going to want to stick around because you’re in for a true treat and definite surprises!

Read. Think. Repeat.


Tania Hussain
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Hudsucker


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