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A born and raised Southern Belle, Rebecca is currently studying at Presbyterian College looking to pursue a career in broadcast journalism as a reporter. An avid blogger, she works with the online newspaper The Hudsucker. She also is a part-time Social Media Marketing Consultant. Rebecca is a proud member of Sigma Sigma Sigma who's philanthropy serves children. Rebecca also has the distinct privilege of working with Sounds of Pertussis where she campaigns about the awareness of Pertussis and it's prevention by the Adult Tdap booster. This honor is done in loving member of her cousin, Landon Carter Dube, who's life was taken too soon from this disease. Rebecca loves her Lord Jesus Christ and enjoys pursuing her passion for telling people's stories!

Benefits of Having a Mentor

“You know, you do need mentors, but in the end, you really just need to believe in yourself”.-Diana Ross

When we are children, fairy tales surround us. Bedtime begins with “once upon a time” and the lights go out with each “happily ever after.” Within the pages of these stories are princes and princesses, castles, and genies or fairy godmothers helping the main character’s dreams come true.

These stories are comforting and spark the imagination. The day comes though, where we grow up. We enter “reality” and soon realize that those fairy tales are simply stories. It is the core of them though that we carry on with us in life. That lesson of believing in yourself and that the impossible is possible; those insights are what truly matters. It is what is underneath the text that has the most meaning.

Mentor Dawndy Mercer Plank, and myself at the studio. Image Credit: Rebecca Rowell

Mentor Dawndy Mercer Plank, and myself at the studio. Image Credit: Rebecca Rowell

One important factor when we “grow up” is finding those role models or mentors to help us accomplish things in our adult life. Many of our first role models are those we find in the fairy tales, but role models are also found in family members or those we’re around in our every day life. Mentors though, are a little different and bit more special. Mentors are typically those that we look up to within the specific career area we are heading. Having that one mentor can sometimes be key in helping us realize our dreams or helping those dreams become a reality of our own.

I know the positive effects that can come from having a mentor. My mentor, WIS News 10 reporter Dawndy Mercer Plank, has helped me in numerous ways. She’s given me opportunities to witness firsthand the job I want to have one day. She’s given me advice and support as I pursue this career goal while still in school. More importantly, she’s encouraged me. This has helped me feel that what I want to accomplish isn’t out of reach. This support has allowed a new flame of passion and determination to ignite within me.

What area of work do you want to enter? Do you have a mentor? Having that one mentor is benefical in all the following areas:

  • It can help you set career goals or start taking steps to realize them.
  • Mentors may help introduce you to professional resources or organizations that you may not have previously known about.
  • They can help create future contacts for you in the professional field you plan to enter.

Having my mentor has changed my life. I am pursuing my current career because of the knowledge and chances she’s given me. I have gratitude that I cannot express into words. If you’re still a college student or even in a certain profession now, find a mentor. They can simply be someone you look up too, go to for advice, and someone to emulate. I know I’m thankful for mine!

However, make sure you also have that personal belief in yourself. I agree with Diana Ross that as much as it helps having others uplift you, you also have to believe in yourself. Dream big and go for those goals, even when they seem unreachable. You CAN do it!

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