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Celebrating Single Person’s Awareness Day!


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As February 14th fast approaches, the controversy that always seems to surround the season celebration of Valentine’s Day also comes to mind. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is enjoyed by some, and entirely despised and hated by others. It’s sort of an ongoing battle of the taken vs. the single. Usually, it’s the taken that win (the one’s actually getting the gifts, let’s be honest now).

However, one thing that many people complain about is that if you are indeed single on this proclaimed “day of love”, that there’s nothing worse. The holiday comes and looms us, like a storm cloud, and we dread that never-ending day in which confetti and paper hearts dance around our heads like demons, mocking our lack of these very two things. I stand partial to the debate, but almost feel used by the holiday, forced into a mold of celebrating something that should be celebrated for 365 days, not just one.

I put together a list of reasons why I hate to love the traditions of this February 14th “day of love” holiday. Here is it:

1. ROSES. First of all, who decided that roses are what girls like? Do you know that there are thorns on those things? Sure, they are elegant and nice to look at, but I find it insulting that we, as woman, are forced to pretend like we like them.

What I’d Rather Have: A bundle of daffodils. Bright to look at, easy on the eyes.

2. CANDY HEARTS. Cute, but kind of unrealistic. Can anybody tell me if they’re ever gotten a Candy Heart that actually said something realistic. Let me see. Usually, they say, “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, “Call Me”, “Let’s Get Busy”, or “Miss You”. Frankly, I’m not sure who is writing these things because if I was eight and got “Let’s Get Busy”, I’d be a little confused and most likely ask my teacher Mrs. Sadler if we were behind on our science projects or something.

What I’d Rather Have: Skittles. They don’t taste like powdered sugar, have no creepy messages, and always taste good.

3. DELUXE CHOCOLATE SETS. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate. But what’s with the obsession of overpriced “kits” of chocolate that come in little pieces and have half flavors that you really don’t prefer, like butterscotch coconut toffee that sounds good, but immediately after “bite off” you realize, tastes more like burnt marsh-mellow than the oowey-goodness you imagined.

What I’d Rather Have: A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, just one. I don’t need to eat my feelings now.

4. LOVE BIRDS AND PDA. Okay, we get it! You’re in LOVE! But do we really need you to show us just how much? I think a little PDA is fine, there’s nothing wrong with a little hugging and a little kissing here and there. After all, it’s great to show your affection for the person you’re with in public; it makes them feel like you’re proud of them and that you’re happy to show them off. However, with all things in life, there’s a clear line. Making out, emotionally, is never okay. Neither is groping each other in public. Not in front of the kids! Geeze.

What I’d Rather Have: Kind of hard to answer since I’m single, but I think relationships shouldn’t be shared with the world, an arm around the shoulder is enough to satisfy until you’re alone. Then of course, there’s no limit.

5. CELEBRATING LOVE FOR ONE DAY ONLY. It’s kind of odd that we celebrate love on one day out of the year. I think it bothers me because sometimes, women feel like they’re not appreciated (a lot of the time), and for the most part sometimes they are not. But it’s not exactly the men’s fault. See, their minds work differently. They see things objectively, not emotionally. They see things in black and white, not confusing shades of color. They say what they mean and hold back feelings, while we only speak about our feelings. This is why the “day of love” is so wasted. Men get a few Roses, take us out to dinner, and all is great. Truthfully, we should have valentines day every month. We should appreciate what we have, when we have it, and not taken anything for granite.

What I’d Rather Have: People realizing that love isn’t made to be celebrated on one day only, and that the holiday itself is a reminder, a warning sign, of what you have, not what you do not have. It’s a wake up call to those lacking the bond they seek, and a grateful feeling to those who have what they want. I’d rather have people see the truth for what the holiday really is, and not underestimate its power.

I don’t think Valentines Day should be hated, nor do I believe it should be adored. I think it should be celebrated like any holiday, and given its fair justice. To all my haters out there, I know. I understand. I get it. But what you don’t get, is that hating the holiday “of love” is only making you more bitter and more upset than if you just realized it’s just a day like any other. Don’t be jealous of what you don’t have. Instead, be happy for those who are happy, and know that your time will come when you are ready. Timing, is everything.

And you never know, your soul mate just might, be around the next corner. Keep walking.


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Kelly is a staff writer here at “The Hudsucker”. She is currently a senior at George Mason University finishing up her B.A. in English and writes at her own blog, “How I See It“. Kelly hopes to be a professional writer and author some day that not only inspires but helps change the world for the better. Follow Kelly on Twitter as @Kelly_Kavanaugh.

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