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A born and raised Southern Belle, Rebecca is currently studying at Presbyterian College looking to pursue a career in broadcast journalism as a reporter. An avid blogger, she works with the online newspaper The Hudsucker. She also is a part-time Social Media Marketing Consultant. Rebecca is a proud member of Sigma Sigma Sigma who's philanthropy serves children. Rebecca also has the distinct privilege of working with Sounds of Pertussis where she campaigns about the awareness of Pertussis and it's prevention by the Adult Tdap booster. This honor is done in loving member of her cousin, Landon Carter Dube, who's life was taken too soon from this disease. Rebecca loves her Lord Jesus Christ and enjoys pursuing her passion for telling people's stories!

Come Dance with Me at “Downton Abbey”

The PBS television production Downton Abbey has become my new obsession. Each Sunday evening I am glued to my TV set. The beauty of the show is that it portrays the drama of the people of that era so accurately, you feel as if you truly are within the halls of Downton Abbey in the early 20th century.

One of the greatest story lines, or at least my favorite story line on the show, is the love affair between Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley. Matthew is the heir to Downton Abbey when two family members perish on the Titanic in the pilot episode. Stubborn Lady Mary is determined to not fall in love with the man she is “suppose” to be with. Letting life happen as it may, is where the beauty of their love story truly unfolds.

Mary and Matthew spend the first years of their relationship as only friends. You see an affection begin to blossom before them, but Mary puts up her guard. She does not want to fall for the man whom is assigned to be her betrothed. It is a pride thing for herself.

This does not stop fate though.

Matthew proposes to Mary on a snowy evening. Image Credit: PBS Television

Matthew proposes to Mary on a snowy evening. Image Credit: PBS Television

In the finale of season one, it seems as if Matthew and Mary are finally going to end up together. The audience witness the two of them battle their feelings throughout the first season, until the truth is finally admitted. We’re heartbroken though, when Mary turns him down because she cannot let go of her own “rules” or whatever seems to be holding her back.

Season 2 is the revival season though. At the brink of World War I, Matthew is paralyzed. It is Mary who nurses him back to health, and you cannot deny the affection that still there between them. Despite the fact that Matthew is married and Mary is engaged to someone else. There still is something undeniable between them.

It is simply breath-taking to see their unconditional love for each other.

Matthew defends Mary against her abusive finance and she supports him in the wake of his wife’s sudden death during season 2.

The puzzle finally seems complete at the end of season 2 when Matthew proposes to Mary in front of Downton Abbey, on a snowy evening. It is almost a picturesque moment sent from the heavens above when Matthew gets down on one knee. Tears of joy fall from our own eyes in celebration of what has finally happened.

This is what is moving about Matthew and Mary’s love. We live vicariously through them. We see their undeniable, true love defy odds and time. They still end up together, stronger than ever. What was “suppose” to happen, did happen. Fate took the control and Matthew and Mary benefited from it.

That is what I think we all want. To find that one person who completes us and knows us better than we know ourselves. We want someone who makes us one being.

That is what Matthew and Mary Crawley are, and that is what is so immaculate about their story.


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