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A born and raised Southern Belle, Rebecca is currently studying at Presbyterian College looking to pursue a career in broadcast journalism as a reporter. An avid blogger, she works with the online newspaper The Hudsucker. She also is a part-time Social Media Marketing Consultant. Rebecca is a proud member of Sigma Sigma Sigma who's philanthropy serves children. Rebecca also has the distinct privilege of working with Sounds of Pertussis where she campaigns about the awareness of Pertussis and it's prevention by the Adult Tdap booster. This honor is done in loving member of her cousin, Landon Carter Dube, who's life was taken too soon from this disease. Rebecca loves her Lord Jesus Christ and enjoys pursuing her passion for telling people's stories!

Top Women in Journalism

Celebrating remarkable women in journalism. Image Credit: International Womens Day

Celebrating remarkable women in journalism. Image Credit: International Womens Day

Recently I picked up  the latest issue of Cosmopolitan while waiting in line at the grocery store. Within the April issue, was a mini magazine labeled Cosmo Careers.  Now granted, I am a few years away from officially entering the work field as a hopeful broadcast journalist. Nevertheless, I thought skimming through this magazine couldn’t hurt. What was in it however inspired me. Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, had an excerpt from her new book entitled Lean In,sharing advice with women in the work field, and how “lean in” as women not “lean out” in what is still a prominently male dominant area. It was about encouraging women to take charge and be bold. It told them to take chances and speak up in their work environment. This inspired me to look at and rank my top, female journalists who didn’t “lean out” when it came to journalism but rather ” leaned in” to pursue excellence. In honor of both the Lean In movement and International Women’s Month, here are my top 10 picks:

1. Marlene Sanders: Sanders was the first female television correspondent in Vietnam. She also earned the title of becoming the first female anchor on a US network television evening newscast. Sanders also became the first female Vice President of ABC News. She laid a foundation for future female journalists to earn spots as anchors on both the local and national news channels.

2. Gloria Steinem: A social activist and writer who co-founded the women’s magazine Ms. in 1972.

Ida. B Wells – Image Credit: Ferris State University

3. Ida B. Wells: She was a journalist and newspaper editor who documented lynching in the United States. She was active in women’s rights and the women’s suffrage movement.

4. Katharine Graham: Graham was a publisher with theWashington Post for more  than two decades where she oversaw it, during it’s most influential period. She led the paper through the Watergate coverage that eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Her memoir won a Pulitzer Prize in 2008.

5. Soledad O’Brien: O’Brien is an award-winning broadcast journalist with CNN who is known for anchoring the morning show Starting Point and her work on documentaries such as Black in America and Latino in America.  She’s a journalist known for covering the issues and asking the “tough questions” until she gets the answer she wants.

6. Ann Curry: Curry is a journalist for NBC who is known as “Mrs. Twitterverse” because of her constant connection with the social media site and the positive promotion she gives it. She’s known for covering the stories that bring awareness to dire issues, such as her work with the Crisis in Darfur. Her passion for the individuals she covers in her stories, the way she makes each story so personal, is what makes her one of my top picks.

Ann Curry – Image Credit: NBC Universal

7. Margaret BourkeWhite: A photographer who was among the first women to report on wars and her pictures appeared on the cover of Life magazine beginning in 1936.

8. Joan Didion: Didion helped invent “new journalism” which is known for communicating through narrative storytelling and literary techniques.

9. Barbara Walters: A well-known name in the journalism world. Walters was first known for anchoring Today and later for working with shows like The View and 20/20. She’s known for her “scoop” interviews and has interviewed many including great people/leaders such as Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Margaret Thatcher.

10. Martha Gellhorn: An American journalist and writer who many have deemed one of the greatest war correspondents of the 20th century. She reported for 60 years and covered the issues such as the Vietnam War and the War in the Middle East. Her coverage of wars such as the Spanish Civil War, World War II and the Vietnam War, left her with quite a legacy upon her death.

For any of us to succeed in any chosen career, there must be predecessors who pave the way. They are the ones who triumph over the obstacles and give us the inspiration for how we want to mold our own lives. They fight prejudices and work their way to the top. We must look at them humbly and thank them. I know I thank the women in my list and many other remarkable female journalists who have made it possible for me to pursue my dreams. With that they achieved, it places a certain responsibility upon ourselves as young female journalists. We must honor them and all they sacrificed so we could achieve what we do today; with more equality and respect as professionals.

Hear, hear to these and many more great female journalists in honor of International Women’s Month, and a gracious thank you for all they did or what they are currently doing today.

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