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Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Easter every year marks a special place in our holiday season. Not only is it a holiday that is light, easy-going and brings families together, but it also takes place at the end of March when spring is really coming into bloom. I’ve taken a look at the traditions of Easter, and some new ones from my family as well.

EASTER TRADITION– Easter egg hunt in a field or large spacial area: Grownups hide eggs filled with candy and chocolates, usually at an elementary or middle school, or even some time of recreational centre that has soccer fields able to be used. Afterwards young kids run around trying to find them. It can be fun, or competitive, depending on the location, venue, and age-group. Usually, the cut-off between doing the hunt and watching the hunt is personal preference, although it often is ages 12 and under (kid’s menu standards, also Trick-or-Treating).

MY FAMILY’S TRADITION Easter egg hunt along a twisted trail in the woods; As far as location goes, we go to my family’s river house in southern Maryland which we call “The Farm,” even though it’s not a farm at all, but does have ten acres of surrounding land and a river with a dock and small beach. We follow the same protocol as far as hunting for eggs, but the logistics are a little different. First of all, the eggs aren’t filled with candy, chocolate, or anything edible. They are filled with dimes, quarters, and cash, ranging from $1-$20. It’s true, sometimes the grownups are jealous of the kids! The trail we follow is through a forest, with eggs sometimes in odd and funny places such as up a branch or in the middle of a stump.

EASTER TRADITION– Post egg-hunt candy feast and easter baskets; Usually, after the hunt, it’s the mom and/or dad’s job to find their child and calm them down, since if they did well at all in the egg hunt, they are most likely “chowing down” on whatever candy pieces they received. Usually if it’s at a location kids stick around for a little while, or families go home to do their traditional easter baskets in the morning.

MY FAMILY’S TRADITION- Post egg hunt, “teddy bear picnic”; Post egg hunt, our easter egg dash leads us into a small clearing in the middle of the woods. In this clearing there are smaller, thinner, taller trees in which we actually hang chocolate bunnies from (for the kids), labeling their names and hanging in bright pink ribbon. The adults don’t have chocolate bunnies hanging from the trees, but instead have liquor and vodka mini sample bottles hanging from the trees, also labeled by name. It’s always a contest to hang a few people’s gifts from the highest branches (my cousins and I do the “pre-teddy bear picnic set-up”), and it’s more than humorous to see grown adults trying to half climb/half reach for their gifts. The whole family stands around, talking, and the kids sit on a colorful blanket that has about 10 different teddy bears. It’s a definite great memory and one of my favorite times I can remember as a kid.

EASTER TRADITION- Church and Easter brunch with the family; Two things that are very common in families now a days, since the holiday is actually religious at its base. After church, lots of families go out to brunch at a restaurant of their choice, or home for a big meal crossing between that late breakfast and early lunch period.

MY FAMILY’S TRADITION- Church on our own, and than a big early dinner at 3PM; Families in mine usually go to church on their own, and than we all meet at my family’s river house early, do our easter egg hunt, and than have an early dinner at 3PM, where usually the kids are too full to eat pretty much anything since they’ve just consumed a chocolate bunny the size of their heads. Still, we have the traditional mashed potatoes, sweet corn, stuffing, turkey, and ham and always are not short on desserts.

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter! Enjoy this short video and hopefully it will get you in the Easter mood! Get hoppin’.



About the Author

Kelly is a staff writer here at “The Hudsucker”. She is currently a senior at George Mason University finishing up her B.A. in English and writes at her own blog, “How I See It“. Kelly hopes to be a professional writer and author some day that not only inspires but helps change the world for the better. Follow Kelly on Twitter as @Kelly_Kavanaugh.

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