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Cathie is a staff writer here at The Hudsucker. She’s been a caregiver for her dear mother, “CatMom” for 10+ years. An avid pop culture fan, her mind retains random information, making her a self professed game show ready to happen. She loves opinion and reality television, and is unashamed to be logged in somehow, some way, 24 hours a day. Close friends, Bradley Cooper, the music of Ryan Star, the San Francisco Giants, and her personal journey are some of her favorite things. Toss in some Disney magic, shake and serve.

Beauty Spotlight: Kristie Stoodley

I’ve had a fascination with makeup for as long as I can remember. My aunt was a cosmetologist, my Godmother an Avon lady, and I was always rummaging through mom’s makeup bag when she wasn’t paying attention.  Sorry, Mom. I was drawn in by the vibrant hues and the idea of transformation, and still am to this day. I made a lot of mistakes when first experimenting with makeup. A lot. Too dark. Too much. Not enough. Not having a clue how to enhance cheekbones. Did I even have cheekbones? The complications soon gave way with practice and experience. I may no longer blink my lashes against the wand with a hope that it would apply itself (this doesn’t work, for the record!), however the classic mascara application face does remain.

While I’ve never had formal training, I have benefited from the skills of others in order to gain confidence. I thought it would be fun to take my own interest further and share with you some professional insight and provide some tips that may be helpful in your own beautiful life.

courtesy of  Kristie Stoodley

Thanks to the age of social media, I first was introduced to Kristie Stoodley through her work with fashion designer Brandon R. Dwyer, however it was  Facebook that allowed us to “meet”, and become better acquainted. As a admirer of her many colorful talents, I asked Kristie if she wouldn’t mind answering some questions for readers of The Hudsucker. She happily obliged. I took away a lot from her responses and think you will too.  Brushes up, and away we go..

The Hudsucker: What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

KS: I use to model when I was younger and I truly hated it, but I loved all the behind the scene action that was the world of modeling and or fashion. Something about helping create an image or look gave me a sort of high. The creativity and team work that goes into creating an image for the viewer is utterly amazing and super exhilarating. That feeling alone inspired me to take a career path as a makeup artist, and seriously who wouldn’t want to work with beautiful people and fashion all day!

courtesy of Kristie Stoodley

The Hudsucker: What, if you’re able to choose, has been your favorite experience since you’ve been a professional makeup artist?

KS: Fresh out of school, I was pushed into entering an onstage makeup competition. I placed 2nd in the contest, and a few months later I received a phone call from a beauty group in the states asking me If they could sponsor me at the International Makeup Championships in Düsseldorf, Germany. After a lot of researching, I set out on one of my favorite and most memorable experiences of my life. That week in Germany, I competed in front of thousands of people and industry professionals on stage with 12 other top makeup artists from around the world. On March 24th 2007 I beat out 12 other countries for the title of International Makeup Champion and first ever North American to do so.

The Hudsucker: Which is your favorite kind of job to book?

KS: I love doing campaigns for designers. Helping to showcase their top designs in a story themed way is super fun. The final outcome is always rewarding and its a great asset to a portfolio.

courtesy of  Kristie Stoodley

The Hudsucker: Is there any celebrity or public figure that you would love to work with?

KS: I have two people in mind, that I would love to work with one day. First is a fellow Canadian, model Jessica Stam. She is so versatile with her looks, and her “doll face” would be an amazing canvas to create on. Second would be Anthony Bourdain (I absolutely love working with men, super easy and they are always great sports about wearing makeup). Bourdain would be an honor to work with, his unique life and travel expertise would make for a great conversation behind set.

The Hudsucker: Which era of beauty do you most identify with?

KS: I mostly identify with the 90’s, but not the grunge era. The natural fresh faced, nude look of the 90’s is my favorite, and one that I tend to follow when applying makeup. Eyeshadow, liner, and mascara was applied sparingly and subtly, allowing for the women’s natural beauty to show through. I love bold and defined brows and back then that was most commonly the style.

The Hudsucker: What beauty trend, past or present, have you really loved?

KS: I love and am an avid wearer of a bold lip. Something about a bold lip and a neutral face just screams fashion, whether its winter or summer or somewhere in between. Everyone can pull off a bold lip, even if you have smaller lips, you just need to find your “it” color. My “it” color is usually an orange-red, but I do switch it up, depending on my outfit of choice.

The Hudsucker: What beauty trend, past or present, have you really disliked?

courtesy of  Kristie Stoodley

KS: I always get asked this question and my answer never changes. People who work with me know that I hate doing a Smokey Eye, it’s so common and boring. A lot of people usually ask for this look, because that’s all they know. There are so many other things you can do with the eyes. I find the Smokey look harsh, but If I have to do one i usually use a dark brown color instead of black. Or I do a different interpretation of the smokey look.

The Hudsucker: What is a common mistake women make when it comes to makeup?

KS: I find most women I talk to wear a foundation but never a powder over top. If you’re the kind of women that wears a liquid foundation, you need to have either a pressed or loose powder for over top. Using a powder after applying foundation is a must, it helps set the foundation on your skin allowing for a longer wear time. If you do not set your foundation, it will easily rub off through out the day, most likely leaving your face uneven. If you have wrinkles it will also help set the foundation helping it not to crease in the areas of your wrinkles.

The Hudsucker: What are your go to beauty products?

KS: My top 3 beauty products are:

– Any creams by Elizabeth Grant, their face creams are outstanding and come in a variety of different formulas to help suit any skin care need. I have too many favorites from this company to even pick one. But I suggest you check them out.

Armani foundation is my go to foundation for myself and my kit.

Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lip Color. This two in one tube comes in a variety of colors, it’s long lasting and adds a nice stain to the lips. I love all the bold colors, of course!

The Hudsucker: As a beauty professional, what are three items you would say every woman should have and use?

KS: 1. A day and night cream. Always keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking.

2. Mascara. If you’re in a rush or you personally don’t like to wear a lot of makeup. Mascara just adds a little oomph! to any look, even if you have nothing else on your face. A little mascara can add wonders.

3. Lipstick, tinted lip balm, gloss, anything for those puckers. Whether its clear, bold, or lightly colored, your lips need to have some fun too.

image credit Remark Magazine

Since our interview took place, Kristie has embarked on an exciting new journey with the launch of REMARK magazine. The first issue is available online now.  Be sure to check it out!

I would like to thank Kristie for taking the time to answer questions and share her insight. If you would like to learn more from Kristie, be sure to visit her website, her blog, and add her to your social media outlets.

Website: http://www.kristiestoodleymakeup.com
Blog (Beauty and the Expert): http://www.kristiemstoodley.com
Remark: http://www.remarkmagazine.com
Twitter: @kristiestoodley

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