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Baseball: America’s Past Time (Whether You Like It Or Not)

Every April, the long-debated topic of baseball being “America’s game” comes back into the limelight. Fans across the country awake on Opening Day after months of reading the scouting reports and news from Spring Training with a fresh perspective on life. A new season presents opportunity for redemption. It stands for fresh starts and second chances. The disappointments of seasons past seem like just a bad dream that no longer matter, as die-hard fans start their day with a clean slate. It is this prologue to an odyssey that will last from April to October that we are reminded just why the sport of baseball has remained so engrained in American culture for the past century.


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All arguments aside, there is no way to determine just what sport is the traditional game of America. Native Americans were playing the sport of lacrosse long before settlers came to this land. Depending where you are in the country, basketball may have a stronger hold on the masses than, say, football. But you can search high and low from Maine to Washington, California to Florida, and it will be nearly impossible to not find an adamant follower of 1 of the 30 teams that make up Major League Baseball. For 162 games a year and beyond, you will be able to see these individuals sporting their caps, jerseys, and the like on any particular summer day. You can greet them at the local diner, the movie theater, strolling through the farmer’s market, or saddled up at the pub. And the reason you can count on this simple truth is this: American’s, like baseball, are conditioned to be in for the long haul.

My father taught me many lessons growing up, many of which I feel like I’m still picking up on. But the one that resonates with me most in the month of April is the importance of perseverance. Throughout America’s history, we have seen high times and we have seen low. But as the old military adage goes, “you can lose the battle and still win the war.” The real object of baseball is to win more games than you lose. Unlike many other sports, a team will never go undefeated. Dealing with defeat is sometimes the key to winning out the season. Just like American’s have banded together and persevered through the difficult times of the past, so have the great American ball clubs who have stared adversity in the eye and come out on top.

Yes, it’s a cliche analogy to make. Baseball, despite its own low points in the past decade dealing with steroid scandals, reminds us of the hardships in life. As individuals and as countrymen, we can all take a lesson out of the book of baseball if we just step back and look at the big picture. We are reminded now, in the wake of terrible defeats that good suffered to the hands of evil, the importance of banding together when things get rough. When teams suffer horrible losses, they turn to their fans to lift them up in the hope of a better tomorrow. So, too, do American’s lift up their fellow men and women who have hit their low. To succeed as a nation, no matter what nation that may be, it takes a great deal of respect and compassion to care for the person next to you. As teammates win and lose together throughout the 6 month season, American’s must hold tight and persevere on a united front.

So, as you can see, baseball truly has more ties to it’s country of birth than most would like to admit. Often times we can get so tied up in what’s happening in the game, that we miss the life lessons. Next time you’re trying to stay awake during a Saturday afternoon game on TV, think about what the sport stands for, for a country and for the countless individuals who have sweated out every inning of the season. See you at the ballpark!

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One Comment on “Baseball: America’s Past Time (Whether You Like It Or Not)”

  1. Sean Breslin April 30, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    Great read. Football may be the nation’s passion, but it’s baseball that has never been dethroned as the nation’s pastime.

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