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The Hudsucker is an online magazine made up of unique and dedicated writers with fresh voices from across the country and overseas. Our team of writers are passionate and driven, bringing forth their personalities in each article. Since its inception in 2012, The Hudsucker has continuously proven how writing is our strongest fingerprint. By creating a smart and ambitious environment for readers, the digital magazine focusing on popular culture aims to be relatable through experiences and passions.

Meet Our Featured Writers Behind The Hudsucker This Week!

Who are the faces behind The Hudsucker? All through this month in honor of our one year anniversary on June 16th, we’ve been featuring one of our writers each day on our social networks.

In our last week, get to know Kathleen, Drew, Layne, James, Matt and Christopher in our little questionnaire! 

THS - Bo 200pxKathleen Horgan

Meet contributor, Kathleen Horgan! Known lovingly as “Bean,” Kathleen’s biggest strength is the ability to make friends wherever she goes. If she was stranded on a desert island, who would this congenial Georgian take with her? Follow Kathleen on Twitter: @KathleenHorgan.

THS - Stephanie 200px

Drew Bryce

Meet our contributor, Drew Bryce! Drew describes himself as “something shiny” and learned early on that you must never eat yellow snow. What superhero power would he like to possess? It’s extremely specific. Follow Drew on Twitter: @haemeternal.

Karen Datangel 02

Layne Weitzel (Past Writer)

Meet our contributor, Layne Weitzel! Layne is a freshman at Santa Fe College, cheers for the Florida Gators and loves Panda Express. Where does this young Floridian see herself in 10 years? Follow Layne on Twitter: @laynejweitzel.

THS - Desi 200px

James Ivan Layne

Meet our contributor, James Ivan Layne! James also contributes to Indianapolis Monthly and is second-shooter to Emily Weis Photography. Where does this Hoosier see himself in 10 years? Follow James on Twitter: @JamesIvanLayne.

THS - Rebecca 200pxMatt Bloom (Past Writer)

Meet our contributor, Matt Bloom! Matt attends Indiana University and is a reporter for the Indiana Daily Student. He loves Adele and can’t live without his J. Crew blue plaid button-up shirt. If a genie granted Matt 3 wishes, what would he wish for? Follow Matt on Twitter: @matthew_bloom.

Christopher Hill 

Meet contributor, Christopher Hill! This Georgia State University graduate works at the non-profit organization Soccer in the Streets as a Competitions Director. When he’s not working, he’s indulging in cupcakes and looks up to those who take risks for the ones they love. What’s been his most life-changing moment? Follow Chris on Google+: Christopher Hill.

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