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Let The Reno Games Begin! The Property Brothers Battle in “Brother vs. Brother”

Are you Team Drew or Team Jonathan? Image Credit: HGTV

May the renos be ever in your favor: Since coming onto the home design scene in 2011, Drew and Jonathan Scott have skyrocketed to household name status with their back-to-back hit shows, Property Brothers and Buying & Selling for HGTV and W Network. The twins are the epitome of what it takes to create the ‘dream home’ and define what it means to work together, all while being extremely talented, witty and of course, charming. In just a few short days the two experts will battle it out in the a new reality competition series called, Brother vs. Brother.

“As identical twins, we’re pretty competitive,” Jonathan says in the behind-the-scenes clip as seen below; with brother Drew retorting, “Anything he can do, I can do better.”

The show premiering July 21 on HGTV in the US and July 22 on the W Network in Canada, will feature the twins diving into their friendly sibling rivalry while giving team members the opportunity to compete in hardcore home improvement challenges and renovate different properties each week on limited funds and tight deadlines.

By embracing their competitive characteristics and showcasing them through a winner-takes-it-all competition, Drew and Jonathan show viewers at home what sorts of improvements they can make that will add bona fide value once a home renovation is completed.

In this exclusive ‘super tease’ seen below, the siblings take you behind-the-scenes in this summer’s biggest and hottest renovation showdown.

The show features real homes on realistic budgets, all while pitting the twins and their teams against one another in order to achieve the smartest home renovation upgrades and score the biggest property-value increase. In the six-episode series, Drew and Jonathan act as leader and mentor to rival teams with home improvement experts in their own rights, competing for a grand prize of $50,000. The team that adds the most value to a property stays in the game, but the losing team must face one of their own members from being voted off in the competition.

Jonathan and Drew mentoring their teams in a still from ‘Brother vs. Brother’. Image Credit: HGTV

Team Jonathan is known as a group of “renovation rock stars”, all of whom bring an eclectic mix to the art of home flipping, welding, and do-it-yourself skills; while Team Drew is made up of “strategic home experts” who bring a traditional flair to real estate, staging, architecture and landscaping. During the show, the twins urge viewers to tweet their thoughts and vote for which team you support using hashtags #TeamJonathan or #TeamDrew via Twitter.

Have you seen the latest commercial for Brothers vs. Brother? Drew and Jonathan deliver the goods in this action-packed commercial shot by the director of photography for A Good Day to Die Hard, Jonathan Sela.

Brother vs. Brother premieres in the US on HGTV, July 21 at 10pm ET; and in Canada on the W Network, July 22 at 8pm ET. Check your local listings.

Show your support! Which team are you on? Follow Drew on Twitter and Facebook, and Jonathan on Twitter and Facebook.

Fan of the Property Brothers? Will you be tuning into Brother vs. Brother? Which side are you on? Tweet @TheHudsucker and leave us a comment below.

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