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Guest Writer Willow Whiteraven: Recognizing and Connecting The Signs

Today The Hudsucker welcomes guest writer, Willow Whiteraven, an Australian psychic medium and spiritual healer based in Montreal. She also hosts her own weekly radio show on Ask 1 Radio called “Earth Magic” where she is able to connect with people in real time offering free guidance.


Willow Whiteraven is a psychic medium, spiritual adviser and energy healer. She has been able to see and work with subtle energies since childhood. As a certified professional practitioner of spiritual, energy and crystal healing, she often works with Tarot and Oracle cards, crystals and totem animals as well as spirit guides and Angels. Whiteraven offers readings using these divination tools, or can work without them. Willow enjoys working as a medium for those wishing to connect with loved ones who have passed over, and has a deep understanding of karmic and soul mate relationships, while ultimately helping to guide others onto their true life path.

To contact and connect with Willow, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and watch her videos on YouTube. You can listen to Willow on her psychic radio show ‘Earth Magic’ every Wednesday night at 10pm ET at Ask 1 Radio or book a reading with Willow via her official website.


It’s one thing to go with a gut feeling–our intuition–we can choose to ignore it and carry on, at our own peril; but it’s another thing to choose to ignore or obey the signs. Omens are persistent, mysterious and sometimes to our great frustration, seem to lead us nowhere. It’s great to learn how to understand the signs your receive or ask for a little help when they are driving you crazy!

Firstly, let’s define what a sign or omen might be, in general terms. I can best describe it as the repetition of events that would usually go unnoticed but because of their timing, frequency or odd nature, we start connecting the dots to realize “the universe” is trying to tell us something. Many of us have experienced this and the more spiritually curious we are, the more open we may be at seeing and navigating our way through the labyrinth of signs and omens. There are some of us that live by the signs as a way of life; second nature in our decision making process.

I believe there are two kinds of signs or omens. The first (and most welcome) is those little clues that our Angels and spirit guides give us. These are signs of love, support, companionship and protection. In our darkest hour, these signs are a beacon to let us know we are not alone and we must trust in the workings of this magical universe. These signs are often feathers, pretty stones, coins and other curious objects that seem to appear at our feet just at that moment we are hoping for divine intervention. Of course the spectrum of what qualifies as a sign to each of us as individuals is infinite. Different things light us up and often certain objects hold a personal reminder from our own past.

I recall several years ago while I was working in a job I was not enjoying and training part time to become an energy healer, I felt like I would never achieve my dream of becoming a metaphysical professional. I would specifically ask my spirit guides and Angels to place feathers on my path by a certain time each day. This was very demanding and in hindsight–ridiculous, but I was feeling alone and insecure about my own spirituality. Believe it or not, they delivered! I kept most of the feathers which are now central to the wand I use for ceremonies and space clearings. The most grand ‘sign’ was when I stepped out of my car for an inner city meeting with my colleague who was also spiritually inclined, and at my feet was a very large black glossy feather, absolutely perfect. My colleague looked at me and just said, “Enough already! How do you do that?!”

I had similar experiences with eagle feathers, and eventually started to realize I was creating a connection with birds. I would think of them and they would appear. Still to this day if I am feeling uncertain about my path, I ‘ask’ to see a bird for hope. Not just any bird, but something special to me. This is very powerful for me and my last experience was on the eve of immigrating to Canada not too long ago. I was on the 22nd floor of a beach side hotel tower and it was early evening with a glorious full moon on the rise. I was wondering if leaving Australia was the very best thing to be doing at 40, with 3 young children, no possessions, no job and a small amount of money. All of a sudden my favorite species of bird landed on the balcony railing, glanced at me for a split second before it seemingly leaped off the balcony and dropped down with wings full span. That was all I needed. A welcome sign filling me with hope and energy.

Image Credit: Corbis/Joshua Dalsimer

The second kind of sign is the one trying to S-P-E-L-L something out to us about a particular event, person, decision or path. These signs are extremely frequent when you start to notice them and they are not always easy to understand. These signs are often by repetition of words, images, insects and animals in your path, or ideas you see as part of your usual routine but suddenly jump out at you. Sometimes the dialogue in a film, television or radio commercial seems to be talking directly to you. For example, you pass the newsstand and a headline strikes you and stays in your mind just as you were thinking about doing something you were unsure of; the headline says “DON’T DO IT!”

Sometimes you will hear the same song over an over again (not through your own selection) or people will keep bring up the same odd topic with you; you may get spontaneous ideas that seem out of the blue but actually hold the key to a solution. Sometimes signs may appear in the form of numbers, double or triple digits, or your favorite number again and again. How often do you see 11:11 on your digital clock? These kind of signs are great and make you feel engaged with the universe, but they can mostly leave you exasperated asking “Why? What do you mean? What do you mean ‘Pink Flamingo’? I have seen this fifty times this week?!”

The best long term strategy for understanding the signs you receive is to keep a journal, then over time patterns will be revealed to you. Make a habit of writing all the ‘strange’ coincidences that have happened in your day or the repetition you are picking up during a particular phase in your life. You will have reference of the signs or guidance you received, corresponding with the dilemma or question.

Another great thing to include into your routine is meditation. I know you have probably heard this advice a million times but meditation will have an incredible effect on you spiritually (not to mention emotionally, physically and intellectually). You will clearly hear answers to your questions from a higher plane once you learn to silence your mind and hear your soul–your truth. If meditation is not your thing, then take a short cut and visit an intuitive counselor or clairvoyant. Better yet, book an energy healing and hear about everything that led you to that moment and suddenly the pieces of your puzzle could fall into place. Mention the ‘Pink Flamingos’ to your healer and she will be sure to give you some insight and perspective that will allow you to carve a path that is part of the journey towards your ideal situation.

Disclaimer: Willow Whiteraven is part of the Australian Psychics Association. Please direct any official inquiries to her via email.

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  1. Ira Bizzell August 11, 2013 at 1:52 pm #

    Well said!
    Peace Love & Ice Cream > Ira

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