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Switched at Birth: Too Much Drama

There is only one word to describe this week’s episode of Switched at Birth: drama. While that is an obvious term to describe a drama television show, I use this term literally for this week’s episode. In fact, I believe that this episode had too much drama.

The tension rose as this is the last episode before the summer finale. Toby and Nikki’s wedding plans are in progress and no one seems to approve of the approaching event. Angelo finally gets his daughter after DNA results prove his paternity. Daphne is still being threatened by Coto as she tries to back out of the blackmailing scheme. The impending threat that Ty could be shipped back to Afghanistan is still weighing on Ty and Bay’s relationship as Bay tries to get John’s help in keeping Ty safe.

SO much drama unfolds in this 60 minute segment.

However, it seems that the intrigue of the story lines were lost in all the heightened drama. With so many problems and issues, it is hard to concentrate on any one story line.

The beauty of Switched at Birth from season one was the realistic approach the drama took to if an event like this occurred in real life. There was a focus on the Vasquez and Kennish family learning about each other and learning to be a “new kind of family”. As season two opened, a recurring shift happened between the families. Each biological family was forming bonds with the people life was supposed to put them with, and new drama emerged.

(Source: ABC Family)

Source: ABC Family

This new drama was interesting and different from the same old “switched families learning to get to know each other” drama from season one. The viewers were excited to see Bay get to know Angelo and Regina and watch Daphne bond with the Kennishes.

Yet the show took a nose dive with the drama in this all new episode, in my opinion.

There were many relevant story lines happening. Realistic story lines to certain choices the characters were making. For example, Toby and Emmett had to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease for sleeping with Simone. This is an appropriate story line and educational since sexually transmitted is a possible consequence for anyone who chooses to have sex.

Another relevant story line is the pressure and stress that is forced upon a couple who has a partner in the military. The ever present threat of separation is something many Americans face, and viewers can relate to what Ty and Bay are going through.

I applaud Switched at Birth for dealing with these relevant topics.

Yet one can not relate fully to the topic if they are trying to concentrate on so many other “smaller” dramas in one. A rampant bachelorette party in bars with underage teenagers, drunken phone calls, etc.

I admire Switched at Birth’s take on what would happen if two families and cultures were forced into one by a mistake. I like them relating to    issues that viewers may be facing in their day to day life. Yet, this show does not need to become a soap opera. Focus on a few major dramatic story lines, not thirty small ones happening at once. That way the viewers can truly appreciate what messages the show is trying to portray.

Next week’s finale will be thrilling as we find out the conclusions to all theses dramas…both the big and smaller ones.

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